Stephen King - Dark Tower Series - What do you think of it?

I just finished this 7 book series.

What a freakin’ letdown! OMG! The ending was HORRIBLE!

This thing was nearly impossible to follow anyway, what with all the strange twists, turns and inconsistencies, but at least I had the hope that when he finally reached the Dark Tower, he’d have a face-off with the ultimate baddie. What a freakin’ let down.

I almost feel as if all this time was totally wasted. To mire through this crude, at times disgusting series just to get shafted with a lame ending???


Anyone else trudged through this thing?

I finished this serie about a year ago, but my conclusion/reaction was the same. :Z :iagree:

I’ve only read one of them (bok three I think it was) and I thought it was okay, but he does have a habit rushing the end and letting down the whole book (just look at The Stand).

This was the first time I have read a Stephen King book at all (I actually did the audiobook thing, cause I like audiobooks) and feel after this, I don’t think I’d ever want to read another Stephen King book. Just not my style.

I’m still shaking my head about how this all played out. Wacky.

Oh don’t get me wrong, he has done some fantastic books and is mt favorite author.
Check out The Talisman and the sequal Black house (both co-wrote with Peter Straub), if you like fantasy over horror.

The Talisman and Black House are King books, eh? I’ll see if I can find the audiobooks and maybe give 'em a shot.


How in the world did I miss [B]this[/B] thread?

I read it also. I actually read the first 4 about 4 times while waiting for the last three, but my favorite of them was “Wizards and Glass.”

Stephen King is and although pretty much completely retired will always be my favorite author. He had me with “It.” Not all of his tales end as abruptly as “The Dark Tower” series did (I think some it had to do with his near-death experience). Check out some of his older works such as “Christine”, “Carrie”, and “It”. I also enjoyed “The Talisman” (hence the name) and “The Black House” as well.

I wish it had been better written and had a more satisfying ending. At times the theme was intriguing, but overall, a letdown.

As for other King books, the profanity and crudeness, if typical of his style, will keep me from reading any more of his works. I’m just not into that kind of stuff and feel that like blue comedy, shows signs that the person lacks the wherewithall to put forth the effort and rise above that. Taking the easy way out, as it were.

It’s not really his style at all, please don’t let this put you off getting one of his other novels (and don’t let some of the lame TV remakes put you off either).
If your not too sure then get a second hand one or lend one from your local library.

I felt exactly the same. To follow Roland through all those books only to find not only does Eddie not make it to the end with him but to find he’s on a never ending journey was such an anti-climax. Thoroughly dissapointing ending!

I also love audiobooks, and have listened to about 2 or 3 of these. The first one I listened to was like book 3 I think, ( I remember it started off in a plane, and he kept seeing those animals on a beach) Talk about a steeeeeeep learning curve, I kept thinking where has this story started, but finally got into it, and somewhat enjoyed by the end, but I have not been able to power through the rest. There are so many other good books out there. If you can ever find it, I thought the “Library Policeman” was a pretty good one by King. I enjoy Koontz as well.

I also love Dean Koontz. Got into him totally by accident when a friend recomended a book called Watchers about 18 yrs ago. Thought it was fantastic and was hooked from there. He’s in the same genre as Stephen King but I think he’s a better storyteller.

Yeah, Dean Koontz rocks as well. Read most of his stuff, as is the case with Stephen King.

Dean Koontz I like. Stephen King…not really. I also love audiobooks! I have many audiobooks ripped into my PC. I love to listen to an audiobook with my mp3 player in bed at night…it’s very relaxing.