Step by step?

I’m really not one of the lazy people you were talking about that want you to do the work for them. I have no problem burning DVDs.
I am having problems bring game CD’S for back-up. I have spent so much money buying the same game over and over again and am tied of it.
I have searched the how to pages but need a little more , maybe a lot more help. Are there any tuts with pictures? I’m a very visual person, not to mention learning something new with my age well over 50. lol.
Thanks, Jac :bigsmile:

Could you give us a bit more details please, such as the games you want to backup (may have different copy protection schemes and thus require different backup methods) and the hardware you are using (not all CD-writers have the same capabilities when it comes to backing up CDs).

There are various tutorials around this forum, perhaps those will help you out for starters (look closely through the forum (and especially subforum) listing).

Just Hoyles card games. I know I need Clonecd and Twinpeaks. I found this V4.84.81.0021 However I don’t know what to do with it or where to put it.
Here’s another question for you. Subfourm??? You mean answers to questions or the subjects included in the category?
Not real sure if I’m truly blessed or truly offended by your tag-line or if I understand what you’re trying to say.: If ignorance is a bliss, you are truly blessed.
However, thank you for the information.

If you can find out what copy protection the game has (if any), use Alcohol 120% (, and select ‘Copy CD Wizard’, then select the protection it has from the drop-down menu. I think you can figure out the rest. If not, scroll down from the Newbie forum and look for the Alcohol subforum.

See this tutorial.