Step by step

I am new to this and I tried looking through the messages but there are so many of them. I was wondering if there is a place here to teach someone step by step instructions for making back up copies of my PC games and other programs.
I am trying to copy the all the Sims games. i made one using Alcohol and while I could copy the game to hhd I could not play it using that copy because I kept getting a message that there was an error and Sims was shutting down.
Also I have already bought 3 copies of my Windows 98 SE and I made a copy of that too but even though it starts ok if I try to add something to my husbands computer ( he uses win 98 and I use win xp pro.) it tells me to put the CD in and it’s already there.
I am using the computer with WIN XP to copy. I have a Pioneer 104 DVD burner and CDRW burner.
Please point me in the right direction.
Thanks, Jac

it tells me to put the CD in and it’s already there

You get this message because it’s a cd with copy protection called safedisk 2.or you haven’t put in the image in the virtual drive of Alcohol 120%

It’s been a while that I have backed-up a copy protected cd but this is what I know.

I like it that you mentioned alcohol 120% because I find it the best program for a beginner to make a copy protected back-up.

If you want to back-up games I would fitst see or there is a protection on this.

A good program for it is clonyxxl ,you can find it here

Just insert the disc and press scan and you will get the protection.

Then if your still not sure you can do a search on and it says that “the sims” is protected with safedisk v2.

Now there are different versions of savedisk v2 but normally clonyxxl will tell you which to pick.

Go to alcohol 120% that you installed , put in the cd and press make image.In your left corner you can select which protection you would like to copy , and alcohol will set the preffered settings for you to back it up, then press next , select where to place the back-up.When you are backing up this cd you will encounter a lot of errors but thats normal.That’s the protection that’s working on the cd , just go through with it.BTW , it can take up to 2 hours to make a back-up of this so go grab a cup of yo or go watch a movie.After the back-up I would install the game and load the image in the virtual drive of alcohol 120% for testing.This you will find under “my computer” and there you wiil find an extra cd-dvd drive , that’s the image loader.Press right-mouse button and select load image.Normally when the back-up is good , when you have loaded the image and selected play game after you have installed it , you woudn’t have to see the load correct cd anymore.If you now can play the game without the original cd inserted , it’s time to burn the image.

When you open alcohol again , you will find on your left a menu with burn image, select the image you will burn , then select the copy protection safedisk v2 and don’t change any settings because alcohol will do it for you .Then you can burn the cd.

After the burning you can test your backup by unload the image on your pc and insert the backup.

Congratulations , you have made your first back-up.:wink:

For the rest , I wish you all the best and don’t forget too have fun.:wink: