Step brothers SLOW

I am backing up step brothers and it went fine until 94.66 then it is going about .01% every 5 mins. Now it is on 94.81. I know during the process, it will get stuck and take a minute or 2 to continue. I don’t know what version it is, I believe the newest. any ideas?

Your giving us very little information to go on without any specs. You need to tell us your model and burner firmware as well as your computer and software used to burn and the software version. And also what kinda media your using and burn speed.

yeah sorry about that. i was in a major hurry. Ive ripped a lot in the past, but this sony stuff is a pain. I don’t have it set to burn, only copy to a hard drive location. It’s not drive related b/c it’s doing it on my other drive also. I’m not even sure if there is a problem or its just how the encryption is. I am using ripip4me now and it’s stuck near the end also. The hold up is on vts_14_1.vob and it’s reading 1/kb a second with 0 read errors. But I have CloneDVD (the original attempt was used with this)