Steinberg Clean 5 can't burn CDs, Help please!

I’m using Clean 5 for the first time and can’t get the ‘Burn’ window to open,
also, with a blank CD in the CD/RW drive no info’ about the CD is displayed when I click on the Info’ button in the CD menu. It’s as if Clean can’t see the CD/RW drive, yet the drive is showing in My Computer and Device Manager and I can burn discs ok with Nero.
I can get around the problem by using Clean to clean up vinyl and tape audio recordings and then using Nero to do the burning, but I’d like to find out why Clean is not functioning correctly if I could.
I’ve tried emailing their website but they don’t reply. I know the company has changed hands a couple of times over recent years and I’m reading bad things on the net about the lack of after sales service, so I don’t expect a reply from them. Any help would be appreciated.

I am using an older version (Clean 2.0), which has served me perfectly well for years, but now that I upgraded my computer a year ago to a P4 3 GHz, my Steinberg Clean is acting the same way. Just can’t “see” the CD Burner.