Stealth or Mission Impossible III wont convert to PSP format



I insert the orignal disc open up DVDFabPlatinum 3050 choose the PSP option, it selects the movie only and I deselect the subtitles. When I click okay to accept this to give me the format options it goes to check the disc a second time for the main movie but instead of taking a few second it just keeps on checking the disc over and over again. It finally gives up and gives me the option to send an error report.
The error report:

Crash log

<Exception><ExceptionRecord ModuleName=“C:\Program Files\DVDFab Platinum 3\DVDFabPlatinum.exe” ExceptionCode=“0xc0000005” ExceptionDescription=“EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION” ExceptionAddress=“0x66783ba4”/><Processor Architecture=“PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_INTEL” Level=“Unknown” NumberOfProcessors=“2”/><OperatingSystem MajorVersion=“5” MinorVersion=“1” BuildNumber=“2600” CSDVersion=“Service Pack 2”/><Modules/><CallStack><Frame FrameNumber=“1” ReturnAddress=“0x5b60cf” ModuleName=“C:\Program Files\DVDFab Platinum 3\DVDFabPlatinum.exe”/><Frame FrameNumber=“2” ReturnAddress=“0x10193”/><Frame FrameNumber=“3” ReturnAddress=“0x7198d7” ModuleName=“C:\Program Files\DVDFab Platinum 3\DVDFabPlatinum.exe”/><Frame FrameNumber=“4” ReturnAddress=“0x7c5fe2b”/></CallStack></Exception>

I have atttached the full zipped errror file zipped.
No problems with any other movies so far.

Any suggestions?



I would suggest trying the new beta version and see if this solves your problem. The link can be found here on the forum…

Hope this helps :iagree:


Tried the beta version and it did the very same, it just would not stop analysing the disc prior to the PSP format screen. Strangely I can still back up both movies as full DVD’s no problem just unable to create an mp4 version for PSP.