Stealth DVD question

Alright, so I got the lastest version of anyDVD ( and when I put the movie Stealth in and run DVD Decryptor, I get the messege “Possible Structure Protection Found. 21 areas have been marked as ‘suspect’. Dummy sectors will be inserted where nessesary.” Then when I select the whole movie, the last three files in the list cannot be seleted. This also happens with the second to last version of anyDVD.

Heres a screenshot:

Is this any where related to the “Pack Header Error” warnings in DVDDecrypter or is this something different?

I suspect your problem is with DVD Decryptor?

I have been able to backup this movie using AnyDVD (not the current version now, but with the one before) in combination with CloneDVD… and made another copy using 1clickdvdcopy

You should disable any protection-removal feature from DVD Decrypter and let AnyDVD do the “dirty work”. :wink:
Try with the suggestion/settings contained in this post.
You can safely ignore “Pack Header” errors. :slight_smile:

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Nothing to worry about…
These files are not referenced…
They are useless…
That 's why, they are unchecked by default, in DVD Decrypter…