Stealth copy protection - where we are now

I just posted the article Stealth copy protection - where we are now.

Theregister has a story about the current state of copy protections. Besides the copy protection that are nowadays widely used on audio and software CD’s, the USA has also plans for a copy…

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This is absurd. Who would be the company that gets the national monopoly on making this? Surely it would be cracked in hours anyway? They must learn: the PC is a device that allows the user to manipulate it in any way, and as such IF YOU CAN PLAY IT YOU CAN COPY IT!

With this they’re decreasing our freedom in the attempts of complete control

By preventing copying, they may be breaking the law themselves." anything in fact, capable of recording digital media" can be more things than a pc. If this is what they want to do, they need to tread carefully. Nobody can prevent any person from doing something perfectly legal, unless I have missed something.

Ok thisis going the same way like the DVD region protection on dvd drives in a pc. Take DVDRegionkiller for excample. :+ How would the do that? Noone would buy a drive with that protection if they have a good working one already. Its a matter of time before cracked. Microsoft can see what you are doing on your pc when you are online and using XP… Its getting funnier every f*ckin day :4

lets start fabricating our own hds :slight_smile:

more cash for third partys who sell device’s to get around such things to let peaple do legit things

gonna kill cdrw biz too! i think it will def hurt computer sales

Have you guys seen ‘The Demolition Man’ starring Silvester Stallone? WE are become what THE SOCIETY wants, no more individuality, no more freedom.

America has become a bunch of pussies. Everyone is so afraid to offend everyone else. Way to damn PC these days… accomdating everyone that has a problem. Makes me want to move to Canada. :+

LOL :4 :4 :4 :4 :4 :4 LOL LOL I don’t know how much more I can take of this bullshit. Yeah, its kinda funny; how a company spend millions developing the CSS technology for DVD’s and my nine-year old brother can crack the “Swordfish” DVD-CSS key in less than a minute! :4 Ok, I know this isn’t about CSS but the scenario kinda relates.