Stealth and DVD Srink

Used DVDFab Decrypter to rip and then DVD Shrink but It will not fit on a DVD-5 disc… Do I have to use a DL disc???

Latest version of DVD Fab decrypter should solve this issue, so you should rip another time the movie and use shrink regularly.

Anyway, you can also shrink another time an already shrinked movie :wink:

I have the latest version. The file just seems to large for shrink. Something seems not quite right???

Try to shrink 2 times; usually second one is good :slight_smile:

You can manage the file size with Shrink, just compress the files a little more and it will fit.

No, actually he cannot. Due to the new ARccOS protection, Stealth will confuse Shrink and the main movie will show as too huge for it to compress. Audio files will also erroneously show as being only 14 Mb (or something like that).

Airphotog, go to Follow this guide exactly and you will be able to disable ARccOS and then successfully copy Stealth. There’s also numerous, numerous posts here on CDFreaks that already talks about backup problems with Stealth. For starters, see

Good luck!

Make sure you have the latest version! because I thought I did and found a more current one!

Also just copy the main movie title with no credits and no intro in Shrink(reauthor mode)! Also delete all extra languages except 5.1 English!

Full backups require more work! VOB blanker!

Thank you for all the input. I used Anydvd and then Shrink and it worked great. Thanks again…

Good to here you have your problem solved! :bigsmile: