Steag Hama media

Look at the name of the MID. It was doomed from the start.

LOL :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :clap:

What’s next? CRP 001, POS 002,TRBL 003, AWFL 004, SCKS 005…? :bigsmile:

Steag Hama is a technology supplier !

@Two Degrees and Franck - brilliant :clap:…I expect I’ll be smirking all day on those :bigsmile:

POSG is a code already, isn’t it? That’s not too far off.

POSG= Postech

Anyway I wonder why the BenQ burned DVD-R at 2.4x instead of 2x?

I missed the model mentioned, but my 1620’s always done that. It’s a feature. :cool:

^More like a bug, the -R spec doesn’t even include a 2.4X burn speed :stuck_out_tongue:

So what it’s not a bug. TO support a non standard burn speed. Most drives can write at 12x however there is no official specification for 12x media.
It has to do with easier implementation.
Also it’s not the first drive that does this crazy stuff. I think BTC had a drive which wrote +R at 2.0x. (or did it write -R 2.4x)

well, the drive (BenQ DW1620) came with no manual in the retail box, there’s no manual on the software CD and no manual on the support website. and i no longer have the box.
but i’m sure that the official specs of the drive are 2.4x for DVD-R and DVD-RW.

yeah, it’s weird. i remember being puzzled about it at the time.

BTW it was a BenQ DW1655 in the linked page.

what does that mean? what technology do they supply? and to whom do they supply it?

Steag Hamatech, they make disc-making plants.
2.4x DVD-R isn’t that of a problem, I think 2.4x DVD-RW is the far bigger problem. RW discs don’t like over- or underspeeding, in fact overspeeding is not even allowed by most drives. 8x DVD+RW needs to have a slower Z-CLV before the drive can start 8x burning, and this part often has a worse burn quality…