Stay with Ty's or ... another suggestion

Hi Folks
Helping a friend at work move into the internet age. In their 40’s, 4 kids … never had a computer. Three weeks ago he mentioned a Walmart notebook special ($299) and asked if it was a good deal (I was aware of the deal/spec’s). I felt for the for the price/hardware and the understanding it will never be a high end gaming machine, it was a good deal. He left work, called me back an hour later, the proud owner of his first computer.
I’ve been helping them get acquainted with their new computer.
I mentioned now they can backup all of their DVD movies / Slysoft. His wife was all over me asking questions … she is very fussy how “anybody” messes with their DVD (originals). So now I’m teaching them the basics of ripping/burning. I gave them some of my TY’s to get them going. But I need to to get a 100x ordered/delivered before next weekend. Will probably go through “Shop4tech”. Can get total of 24% discount (Shop4tech @18% + MS Cashback for 6%) plus free shipping. Last I bought was last spring (300x old verbs that were posted on these forums). I already had over 350x TY’s on hand. So it’s been a while since I’ve been watching the markets.
Will use basic 4.7GB (ripping movie only). Should I stay with TY’s (not valueline) or would you suggest a different brand.
Prefer to work with -R’s / 8x or 16x speed.


Next project … get them on Internet. Only choice “Dial-up” (they live 10 miles to the nearest town). Anybody heard any good/bad about Fry’s ISP offer. They have local dial-up access numbers. Going through the access list, it appears to be the old “AOL” dial-up listing.

Well as you seem to be in the US i would prefer 8X DVD+R TYs over the -R. Both are good media though. From my own experiences TY’s 16x DVD-Rs are not as good as the 8x ones. I would also recommend Verbatim DVD±Rs. I would suggest to go with either Verbatim or TY and get the one which is on sale.

Verbatim would be another choice, as Koba said. In fact, I use more Verbatim DVD-/+Rs than TY! :wink:

Thanks guys
Newegg has some great deals on [B]Verbs[/B], beats Shop4tech price including 24% discounts. Any suggestions?? As one reads user comments, were seeing some inconsistencies in quality. Anyone on the forums purchased Verbs from Newegg lately??
His computer came with a (Samsung / Toshiba??) TSST TS-L633A burner. Can’t seem to find speed specs for this burner.

8x TY or Verbatim are fool proof!

The 16x versions of both media are less compatible and more variable IMO.

TYG02 VS TYG03 is a close one - take your pick.
T02 is better than T03
MCC003 is better than MCC004
MCC02RG20 is better than MCC03RG20

In almost all cases, the 8x is better. You won’t have to worry about them being idiots and trying to burn @ 16x and wrecking discs either.

That appears to be an 8x laptop drive, so preferably I’d choose 8x media if you can find any now.

Failing that, it will hopefully support 16x Verbies fairly well. Out of 16x TY and 16x Verbies, I personally would pick the Verbies for that drive. :slight_smile:


Totally agree with [B]Arachne[/B] however suggest using the 16x +R Verbatims and burning at 8x for optimum results (being sure to get “Made In Taiwan” [B]ONLY[/B])-eh!!

If you have an Officemax in your area they have 100 packs of Verbatim 16x DVD +r on sale for $22.99.

Laptop drives are slow by nature, and most won’t burn much faster than 6x effective even if set to 8x. Best bet is to burn discs of whatever media you get at 4x, 6x, and 8x then use DiscSpeed to check the burn quality and see which works best. I know on my drive some media actually burn better at faster settings.

should have checked newegg first. i just orded 300 TYG03 for $75 free shipping from supermediastore. thats still .25 per disc, i see 300 verbs MCC03RG20 are only 56.97 with free shipping. :doh:

i will have to agree, the best media ive burned are the YUDEN T02 Premium Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R. :bow: very good burns in my Optiarc 7201A at 16x speed. :clap:

[QUOTE=cd pirate;2167069]The 16x versions of both media are less compatible and more variable IMO. [/quote]Uh? :confused:
Since when are MCC004 and MCC03RG20 discs “less compatible”? With what? And how? :stuck_out_tongue:

About variation, I tend to agree, though MCC02RG20 has also been very variable at times, especially during the early months of MBI production.