Stay well clear of rubbish media



Hi all :smiley:

Just an update, from the trouble I was having on here before, with suspect media.

I think it’s important to post the out come , has it can help other people out who might be in the same position as i was, plus it’s good to let the Fab team know the out come, after they took the time out, to help me.

I am glad to say that this problem is finally behind me now, thanks to the help and advice, I received from the fab forum.:clap:

Trouble using some dual layer media

Basic information

Manufacturer: Ricoh

Disc type: DVD+R DL

Mid: RICOHJPN DO1 (002)
Write speeds: 2.4 x-4x-6x-8x
Blank Capacity: 7.96 GB

Extended information

Layers 2
Layers break 3.98 GB
Write strategies 9x-5x
Disc status Empty

Dvd re writer (A) LITE_ON DVDRW LH-20A1P

Dvd re writer (B) NEC DVD RW ND-3500AG

First noticed a problem when the following occurred

1) Extraction of a Iso file, from a Ricoh dl disc to my hard drive, ½ through extraction process, the following occurred:
The BSOD come on, stop code 9c.

2) Disc check of Ricoh DL Disc, with a Nero calibration area error of (037303)

Carried out a few checks on different brand media, I had at the time.

Step (1)

1) Drive (A) to Drive (B) Rip.

Drive (A) = Another dual layer movie.
Drive (B) = A single layer +R verbatim blank disc.

18:08:35 Analysing DVD starting
18:08:54 Analysing DVD completed successfully
18:08:54 Copy process started
18:26:22 Copy process completed
[B]18:26:22 Burn DVD folder (c:\Documents +settings\user img documents \Dvd fab emp\full disc[/B]

Burn completed successfully [ok]

Step (2)

2) Extraction of a Iso file, from another dl movie in drive (A), to hard drive

18:45:39 Clone process started
18:55:29 Clone process completed successfully
18:55:36 Process completed successfully

Process completed successfully [ok]

Purchased media suggested by mainman, verbatim Dl Mkm 001 (MIS)
no problems now. :smiley:

All I can say to people who are new to this, is NEVER buy bad media like above they are rubbish, and are not to fit to hold the name description of dl.:Z

I hope that someone out there who works for Ricoh, or is associated with them, just so happens to read this, because I can categorically state, that I will never purchase your useless product again, and advise any one I know, in the future to stay well clear of this media, until I receive a apogee for the time spent trying to locate a problem with my computer, when it was your product a fault, and money returned, for buying a product that does not do what it is supposed to do, but I shall not hold my breath for either.

One very dissatisfied customer.:a

Once again many thanks to the Fab forum
at least i can rely on there sevice[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=2]:clap:[/SIZE][/FONT]


Glad to hear you got it straightened out and yes all the so so media has been brought up in just about all the forums, You sure can’t go wrong with quality media such as TY’s or Verbs


yes thanks jimbo