Stay connected program

I starting to use a few of the free internet service providers and I noticed that I get disconnected when trying to download a large program, probably due to inactivity.

Does anyone know of a good program to get around this and perhaps fool my ISP into thinking I am actively surfing and viewing ads?

Thanks In Advance

just try a better free ISP, i have used FreeWeb before, and it’s the same as an ISP that you have to pay for. you may also want to get a program like gozilla or getright, so that you can resume most broken downloads.

FreeWeb -
GetRight -
Go!Zilla -

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately they don’t have a local access number for me though

I was using’s service which was very good, but they are currently having “authentification problems” and I can’t connect until they fix the problem.

I use Gozilla quite frequently, however, I can’t always use it to download files as some sites use a redirect type script that doesn’t allow you to leach their files.

Still searching…

if you live in the united states, you may be eligible for free ADSL. that’s right, not free dial-up modem access, but free ADSL. i don’t know if it’s as good as it’s cracked up to be, but it’s provided by the same people as FreeWeb, so it probably doesn’t have any banners, and it’s probably pretty good.

here’s the link: