Stay away from File Freedom Sidekick

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This is how FileFreedom Sidekick works:

SideKick works alongside your favorite file sharing program. When you begin…

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What is spyware? And does it only run when the paticular program like Morpheus is running or is it an always running TSR?

“What is Spyware? Spyware is ANY SOFTWARE which employs a user’s Internet connection in the background (the so-called “backchannel”) without their knowledge or explicit permission. Silent background use of an Internet “backchannel” connection MUST BE PRECEDED by a complete and truthful disclosure of proposed backchannel usage, followed by the receipt of explicit, informed, consent for such use. ANY SOFTWARE communicating across the Internet absent these elements is guilty of information theft and is properly and rightfully termed: Spyware.” The whole spyware issue was brought to the forefront by Steve Gibson, Gibson Research Corporation. His response was the release of a spyware eradicator called OptOut, which did its job very well in removing the suspected parasites from an ‘infected’ computer. While Steve has since discontinued the program, the following site still remains as source of info on the spyware issue: Lavasoft has picked up where Steve lefted off with a ‘freeware’ program called Adware. You can find out more info about this program at this web site:

Thanks man! I didn’t expect someone to reply with so much good info. Thanks a ton!

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