How many posts do you need to have to become a Senior member?

The answer has been posted several times already, but in case the settings have changed since then, here is the current list:

New on Forum 0
CD Freaks Rookie 30
CD Freaks Junior Member 50
CD Freaks Member 100
CD Freaks Senior Member 250
CD Freaks Die Hard 1000
CD Freak 2000
CD Freaks Guru 4500

Anyone who posts excessively to reach a certain post count will get a fixed title…and that could be anything evilgrin

humm like Tax’s woman :slight_smile: …better watch out ashmo Tax can be creative when he picks custom titles…:slight_smile:

Hmmm maybe you should pay a visit to the living room then. The hello and goodbye threads would be a good place to start :iagree:

damn, i should have thought of that :stuck_out_tongue: - jkz … never posted in that sort of a thread … if i am right … it is quite pointless … :slight_smile:

Status is quite pointless indeed…unless it is a custom title…or mod/admin title :wink:

i guess those are the only ranks which have some privleges or … responsibilities lets say :stuck_out_tongue: