Status update on the DVD2OneX / DVD Studio Pro bug?

Hi all,

I’m just wondering if there’s a timetable for a resolution on the well-known bug regarding DVD2OneX’s inability to compress a VIDEO_TS folder created by DVD Studio Pro (the “Encrypted Data Detected” error at 99% of the process)?

I presently have a 5gig VIDEO_TS folder sitting on my desktop, and unfortunately I can’t simply re-encode the material at a lower bit-rate, as I no longer have the original tapes. Tugboat suggested using Virtual PC and a Windows shareware program (Smartripper, I think?) to “decrypt” the (supposedly) encoded data, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to make Virtual PC 6 work on my system, so I have no way to use this excellent workaround.

Is there any other type of workaround that doesn’t require Virtual PC? Or is there an ETA of when a fix might be available for DVD2OneX? I’m at my wit’s end here… but rest assured that my opinion of this fabulous program has NOT changed one bit.

Thanks much,