Static on my cd?



hi my name is nosa. i’m a pharmacist and live in nigeria.the problem i have has to do with my cd player. its abt a year old but recently aqytime i play a cd i get noise like static of old vinyl players. can any body help with a solution?


My first inclination would be to suspect analog interference somewhere downstream of the DAC before the signal gets to your speakers. Digital media like CDs do not have the steady signal degredation of analog sources like vinyl LPs. If the problem were in the CD itself or the reading mechanism, you would experience audio drop-outs or skipping, jumping sound as opposed to static. Assuming that you don’t want to muck around in the interior of your CD player, I would experiment with other speakers/headphones to rule out a problem with them. Also try gently cleaning any openings that may have been soiled by environmental contaminants. Simply blowing dust out of headphone jacks (or ideally using compressed air) might clear up some problems.


Sound analysis :iagree: (no pun intended)…

Static-type noise would undoubtedly be interference on the analogue side. Maybe try someone else’s amplifier to see whether it’s something to do with external interference (in your compound), or the internal amplifier circuits.