Static in burned cd-r's

I have been googling and reading all the threads about all these people having problems with static interference on their burned cd’s and for all the people out there searching for help I cant believe there isnt one computer genius out there that has an answer to our problems. I have a Dell Dimension 4700 desktop(only 3 years old) and a NEC DVD+RW ND-3450A burner that I burn all my cd’s with. I used to burn on blank Sony CD-R until I got static on them and then switched to Memorex CD-R and they worked perfectly for about 4-5 months until recently and now I’m getting static on them also. I have done what everyone has suggested on all the other threads from updating my firmware, switching to a different brand of blank cd-r’s, bought the new roxio 10 music lab software thinking it was my old sonic record now software and still I have static. I even called Dell and had them search my computer for a vrus and they found nothing. I have no programs running in the background while I’m burning and even turn off my modem so there is no interference from the internet. My problem is like everyone else in the sense that the first 5-7 songs play fine but then as you get towards the end of the cd you start hearing static and the problem progressively gets worse. One interesting things I found out while tryin to troubleshoot is that when I burn the same songs to a data disc and play in my alpine unit in my car it plays perfectly but when I make a cd in wav format the cd has static. But if its a conversion issue then why wasnt it fixed when I switched burning software? I’m beginning to think my burner is going bad but then I read that all these people bought new burners and still are having the same problem. If my files are corrupted that I’m burning to the cd how can I figure out what file it is so I can delete it from my computer? This issue has become very annoying and it seems like a ton of people are having this problem and no one has answers just suggestions. Please if anyone is out there and has an answer to my problem help me out because I’m ready to throw my computer under a semi-truck I’m so frustrated!!!

Perhaps you’re burning at maximum speed, which often tends to produce a burned disc that becomes increasingly more difficult to read towards the end.

Try burning your CD-R discs at a reasonable burning speed somewhere from 16x to 32x. For your drive I’d suggest burning at 16x for the best possible result when burning in Audio CD format.

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Thanks for the reply and the advice about the paragraphs. I forgot to mention that I already lowered the speed to 16x,8x, and 4x and still have static at all three speeds. I dont know what else to do!!!