Statement from DVD-Ranger after being banned from Myce



We’ve just posted the following news: Statement from DVD-Ranger after being banned from Myce[newsimage][/newsimage]

DVD-Ranger today issued an official statement responding to the fact that he has been banned from

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I doubt what DVDranger wrote is correct but needs a reply from admin.
If it were true it would be a serious breech of ethics .
Unless one of the two “friends” is DoMiN8ToR .

the ban was finaly done in case of a private communication between two “friends”.


Unless one of the two “friends” is DoMiN8ToR .

DoMi is indeed the one who ultimately handled it, and is the only one who had a direct conversation with him after mods & admins were unable to talk with DVDRanger publicly in the forums.


Yes, that ‘friend’’ in this case was me, and like I stated previously, I was told to go to hell out of the blue, after many more previous insults. I’m not easily offended but so much happened that it was the final straw.

I really respect DVD-Ranger for his work and I wish him all the best and have no hard feelings, but somewhere we have to draw the line. If we simply followed our rules he would have been gone months ago, but given the work he has done for the community we gave him the benefit of the doubt, but if you see things only going downhill, there is some point where you have stop it.


Thanks for answering that DoMiN8ToR . It was what I expected but good to know.

Thanks too Albert. That’s about as close as you could come without being the one PMed.


[QUOTE=DoMiN8ToR;2737765]I wish him all the best[/QUOTE]

Geez, I feel like DVDranger just got fired. Who’s next? Roadworker? DrageMester? Me? Wait… not me!!

Too soon?


With all due respect to the powers that be !!! because my post were deleted also , so I guess I’ll be next .


Let it all be a lesson that if you want to operate a software business, never let software engineers be your front men. Its painfully obvious that in this case there are people in charge of a company who don’t have a clue how to deal with people, or even how to present themselves in a professional manor.
I know for a fact that Domi is one of those “pros” who does not get rattled or act rashly. I’m amazed this didn’t happen a long time ago, it certainly should have.


I’ve had my share of posts removed & not just ones in a thread with DVDranger .

The difference is attitude .

How you respond to admin or a mod that removes posts ,closes a thread or both.

Not posting that another member is the stupidist ,most ignorant person you have ever seen a post by .That they should crawl in a hole & die if they can figure out how to dig a hole. Even if that is what you’re thinking . No telling of where they should go or what they should jump up & take a bite of.


I’ve followed some of the threads/flames and it’s obvious DVDranger needs to hire some sort of PR manager.
I haven’t used their software and it might be great, I don’t know, but they certainly don’t know the first thing about creating a public image for a company. They’re just hurting their own business this way.


What’s “CinEx HD SoundTouch”? I can’t find it mentioned on Ranger’s own site.


We can’t go back a in time but Dvdranger was attacked from day one here which was allowed and never should have been that is what we have staff here for to handle situations.

I feel many members caused it as well as attacks from other forums no his PR skills are not the greatest but he took alot of crap that could have been nipped in the Bud if the staff had handled the attacks on him in a better way JMO.

I think that the forum was 50% responsible for the ban as well as Dvdrangers actions here the other 50%.

I hope to never see this ever happen again here I love this forum.




I have a different opinion of where the initial criticism started on the myce forums .
It wasn’t an attack . There were complaints about the program not working .
I think I can post this without violating my agreement not to post about a certain subject concerning DVD-Ranger CinEx. There were customer service complaints.
At that point DVDranger took this as a personal attack on himself as well as the software . He resorted to making personal attacks back on other members .
These got worse over time. So it’s no wonder members responded back with somewhat the same . However no member I read a post by went to the same level as DVDranger did .
If he had taken it as the valid criticism it usually was & used that to improve his software . There wouldn’t have been a problem. Of course when he saw the criticism & made personal attacks on members he got some back.
DVD-Ranger CinEX wasn’t a good software when it was first released & that’s a fact.
Compare it to buying a new car & finding out it will only go 10MPH .
The dealers says over time they will add improvements & you will eventually be able to go highway speed . Until then the car will run badly as well as be slow.
Do you think you would complain to the dealership & criticize if they didn’t do something ?
I’m sure I would & I think most others would too.


My 2 cents:

I have never seen anyone representing their company be as hostile on a forum as the now banned user DVD-Ranger. If any normal user had shown such behaviour, that user would have been banned a long time ago.

People were sceptical of the software in the beginning, which DVD-Ranger took personally and started attacking people and calling them bad names.

Only after DVD-Ranger opened war against everyone who didn’t like his software, did other users here start being hostile in return. He was not the innocent user being bullied by others, but rather the instigator of hostilities. If he had been stopped earlier, other forum users might not have developed such an antipathy towards him and his company.

Behaviour such as that displayed by DVD-Ranger is poisonous to a forum, and it would have been a bad decision to let him carry on.


Drage your post sums up the way I feel about this matter.
I did not join the debate regarding the software as I had no intention of purchasing it until I had converted to Blue ray.
I think it is time to put this discussion to bed, rehashing the matter further does no good to the board or it’s members.
The right decision has been made lets leave it there.


I second that motion , put this to bed .


Located on there Blog page

[QUOTE=Mollenoh;2737782]What’s “CinEx HD SoundTouch”? I can’t find it mentioned on Ranger’s own site.[/QUOTE]