State taxes planned for iTunes and other purchased downloads

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 When a  consumer purchases a CD, DVD or software at a high street shop in the US, they  must pay the tax based on their state.  However when one purchases online  content within the US for...
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FYI, some states, like my home state Texas, require a sales tax to be paid on online or catalog purchases if the business has a presence in the state (i.e. Dell Computer, Crucial Memory, Best Buy, etc.). The last time I purchased a song off of iTunes I was chared a sales tax automatically. My guess is that Apple has something within Texas that requires them to collect sales tax from people within the state. To paraphrase something I once heard: Our fore fathers once fought for “No taxation without representation”, well I hate to tell them that taxation with representation isn’t much better.

Well of course your government wants to get in on this. I bet once the taxes are added, we shall see prices increase on downloads just as the media mafia wanted. This way the elected mafia, and the media mafia will get more money to inflate their wallets and to go after the poor. Gotta love it when corrupt institutions work together to make themselves more money. Why the hell have the American people not realized just how ccorrupt their politicians are and do something about them. Oh wait…they actually think they elected them…morons. The American Gov’t best politics money can buy, literally

Ouch, that hurts, it not our fault we are ruled by a dictatorship. Please, send your military to liberate my people ASAP. :wink:

Just setup a National sales tax and be done with it. Just did my taxes. True taxes didn’t increase but they decrease the amount you can deduct/credit. Am I being punished for making too much money? I don’t get it. :r

Sometimes you get punished for making two much money, then sometimes there’s a tax cap and you get punished for not making enough. Taxes are so screwed up. As for this article, I’m a dem, but now would a good time to contact this guy and let him know it’s ideas like this that puts the reps in the majority. People just don’t like taxes. But the reason behind adding a tax to Internet sales is what’s most screwed up. This is from the following link which is an old CNet news article But a spokeswoman for Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., said in an interview that McCain’s proposal probably did not satisfy a group of senators who have warned that state and local governments “could lose billions in tax revenue if prevented from taxing Internet access.” So there logic behind passing a tax on the Internet is that if they don’t they will lose tax revenue. Well duh anytime you don’t tax somthing your losing tax revenue but according to that logic you would just tax 100 percent of what every one makes, and take all their money. if you don’t you could be losing money. You should pass a tax because you have to, because if you don’t the country will crumble or because you can’t provide a very much needed service without it. Not just because you won’t get the money if you don’t. But if you add up all the taxes you pay some people pay almost 60 percent of everything they make into taxes and the Governments are always saying they’re broke. If I had almost 300 million people giving me over half of what they make in a year I would be hard pressed to say I’m broke and I need to pass another tax on you. If they don’t have enough now, they’ll never have enough.

99cents per track is alread a rip-off… and now this!

Ranmacanada, u must have misses the part where EUROPEANS are already paying tax on everything they buy so, who has the corrupt officals now? Stop bashing other peoples country when ur own is probably just as bad. SO just STFU.:r

DID YOU NOT READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE?Please don’t spread hate. Within Europe, online software sellers must charge for VAT (value added tax) even if they are not present in the EU country the customer is buying from. For example, if an Irish consumer purchases software an online download stop in the UK, they must pay either UK or Irish VAT (depending on the business). VAT registered businesses on the other hand are VAT exempt. This also likely explains why iTunes charges 99c here in Europe (excluding UK) even though it is roughly US$1.34 to the Euro, as iTunes must include the VAT in their price here, which can vary anywhere from 15% to 25% depending on the country the customer is located at.

Which is why I buy DVD’s from Canada. Cheap exchange rates. Correct framerate and no VAT (Except if you are unlucky and customs picks on you coz you imported over £18 in value of goods).

Yeah I’m not sure what Ranma is on about as usual. Canada has a GST on everything. Ranma, have you lived in Canada all your life or did you emigrate there?