State regulators look to cut down on TV energy hogs

I just posted the article State regulators look to cut down on TV energy hogs.

As a growing number of consumers purchase HDTVs, government officials in the United States are looking at creating new laws related to energy consumption of TVs. This time around, California…

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Well, plasmas may use a lot of juice, but at least you can heat your house with one in the winter. :wink:

Good one!

It’s very rare I smile or laugh when I read the comments section, but your comment made me laugh! :slight_smile:

Very true, in the colder climates the wasted energy from TV’s, lamps etc is just used as heat. Actually I would say the only time it is wasted is if you have a window open or a cooling appliance on.
But you know where theyre goin with this, TAXES. Theyre gonna tax TV consumption. If ya have a Guzzler TV you pay more. Then the the states with NY & Cal leading the way will form new agencies to monitor this the DTV(dept of TV). Then you’ll have to reg your set with them and get license plates for it. And then you’ll have to get it inspected every year for safety & emissions. :iagree:

Maybe the law will read that on the days when the outside temperature is less than 65 degrees Farenheit, there will be no tax for that day at that location. However, if the “energy Nazis” see that your windows were open on that day, the tax will be doubled.
Conversely, on days when the outside temperature is greater than 75 degrees Farenheit, the tax will be doubled.
When the outside temperature is between 65 and 75, there will be no government on that day.
This would be change we could believe in, as long as the temparature was beween 65 and 75, espeially if you live in California.

With the energy crises in California, this type of legislation doesn’t surprise me. Would you rather have a lower power consuming TV or rolling blackouts in your state?

Blu-rayFreak: I’m not convinced this will honestly help stop rolling blackouts in California. It’s just, IMO, state legislators that got bored and decided to mess around and create new rules because they needed something to do.

If your state is thinking about creating a new law but remains unsure how it’ll pan out, let California test it for you first. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that plasma TVs have much of the market share, and this story seems to be about plasma. Maybe I’m wrong, but don’t LCD TVs use somewhat less energy than CRTs? If that’s the case, and more and more people are buying large screen TVs, and most of those are LCDs, then wouldn’t energy use be going down anyway? And then if all this is true, why would this type legislation be necessary, if it wasn’t deemed necessary when we all had CRTs?

I learned that LCD are power hungry, such as more than a reguler tv tube set in a lot of cases. I was under the impression for a lont time tha LCD took less energy than tube tv, open book, found out different, this apply’s mostly to large lcd tv’s not 17 and 19 inch computer LCD. With 8 LCD,s in my house, yikes wonder about the power bill now. It’s only money, someone else money, all inclusive rent. :wink:

California, gotta love that state. Facing a 42 billion dollar shortfall and not paying their bills and now this, lol. This is not including their credit rating which is the worst in the union and no one will give them loans. Enviromental wackos have really ruined that state not including what the bleeding heart liberals have done to it also. You couldn’t pay me to live there.

I just loved your answer, ade me laugh, good way to start the day!