State of the art dvd cd burning software

In frustration, two non-destructive recoveries and one destructive recovery, I’ve bought a new “hp Super Multi DVD Writer w/ LightScribe and Double Layer (i.e. HP dvd840ri) to replace my hp dvd writer / cd-writer combo (i.e. hp dvd writer 400c).”

I use Windows XP Home Edition and am currently uninstalling Hewlett-Packard’s "hp dvd writer / cd-writer Combo (hp dvd writer 400c), and, then, will install my new Hewlett-Packard “hp Super Multi DVD Writer w/ LightScribe and Double Layer” (i.e. HP dvd840ri).

I want a state-of-the-art dvd/cd burner and it’s come down to either Nero 7 or Roxio’s most recent and most powerful dvd/cd burner. Thing is, useing Nero 6 and 7 with my old hp dvd writer 400c, whether a non-destructive or destructive recovery, in days I wasn’t able to access any dvd/cd blanks. I tried everything at Annoyance, Experts-Exchange, even Windows newsgroups, and it’s come down to either Nero just isn’t as great as said or my current hp dvd writer 400c is burnt; therefore, the installation of my new hp Super Multi DVD Writer w/ LightScribe and Double Layer (i.e. HP dvd840ri.

What I want to know here is, if I’m gonna go through all this uninstall and install of hardware, then my software ought to be state-of-the-art too. As far as I can see, it’s either Nero 7 or one of Roxio’s dvd/cd burning software applications. Nero 7 does just about anything one can imagine as pertains to downloading video files, whether BIN files, DAA files, etc, coping dvd/cds, etc. Comparing Roxio and Nero in their state-of-the-art dvd/cd burning software application, can someone please advise.

To conclude, I want the most advanced state-of-the-art dvd/cd burning software application available using Windows XP Home Ed. working my new hp Super Multi DVD Writer w/ LightScribe and Double Layer (i.e. HP dvd840ri). Can anyone help or advise?

P.S. Please, if possible and you have the time, email with your advice.

My advice would be nero 6. Roxio sucks big time. It hasn’t been competition for nero in a while. The problem with nero 7 is that it is buggy, very buggy. Nero 6 was the same way when it was new, but the most recent versions of nero 6 are very stable and reliable for most functions. It took them a while to get 6 that way, and I’m guessing that 7 will be the same. In the long run, nero 7 will most liklly be beter, but for now, if stability and proper function is what you want, stick to nero 6. Nero 6 is infact state of the are because it has had a couple of years of trouble shooting to make it run right.
Fyi I wouldn’t give your email out publiclly. Cd freaks is a very big site visted by many people and you might just get spammed to death if the wrong person reads it and sells it as an active email account.

I wouldn’t use Nero 7 or Roxio 8.

For Nero v6 is best & Roxio v7.5. I use both but I’m selective about the functions out of each that I use. For example I always use Roxio’s Classic Creator for an music CD whether audio or mp3. But I prefer Nero for burning DVD movies.

However, if I burn images then I use ImgBurn rather than either of the above.

Also I don’t believe that Roxio (pre V8) is at all bad & I’ve used it over many years. But that’s a personal thing and I know [B]ripit[/B] has posted many times in the past how bad he thinks it is.

I doubt that your previous problem was down to the app , rather more likely is the burner and/or the media you used.

TimC gives some very good advice. In all honesty, I havent used roxio in a while and have not tried recent versions. The general concensus I get from others is that nero is still beter but honestly, it probably depends on what you are used to, what you do and what works. Even nero 6 (the newest version messes up sometimes). Just like TimC uses image burn for image files (rather than nero or roxio), I use magix mp3 maker gold for mp3’s, not nero. Fyi I use image burn for dvd movie images but havent even really tried it with cd images (if it can do that).
Anyway, nero or roxio, you have recomendations on what versions to use. Realize, in most cases, you can do a beter job than both with specialized programs, but it is much more difficult to use hundreds of specialized programs to dothe functions of roxio or nero. I’ll also admit, I cannot remember the last time I burned an mp3 disk, so it may depend on what you are doing. For me (mostly dvd work), I think nero is beter but I would use what works for what you are trying to do. I would install nero over roxio, but that is because it is strong fro what I do (mostlly dvd). Maybe TimC can tell you some of the strong points of roxio and you can decide for yourself which beter suits your needs.

You need to decide just what it is you want to get out of these multi-purpose apps.

In terms of burning ability there won’t really be any differences as this is down to the burner/firmware & media.

In terms of functionality I use them as follows:-

[/B]Data CD/DVDs
DVD movie burning
DVD video creation (NeroVision) very occassionally when my other apps won’t work.

Any music CD/DVD - Audio & mp3.
Label Creation
Disc copying - straight 1 to 1

For anything else I use other apps.

Look at the extra functionality provided by Nero 7 or Roxio 8 over the previous version and decide if there’s anything there you need. If nothing then Nero 6 & Roxio 7/7.5 together would work well. Just don’t install InCD and DragtoDisk together. BTW I believe that Roxio’s DragToDisk is fra better than Nero’s InCD and I would NEVER install InCD.

Im not farmiliar with drag to disk but defanatlly do not install incd. So far as I know there is not a single sucesfull paket writing software that will perform in that manner. If you must have it, maybe you should look at dvd ram, but it has its own issues(cost and lack of support among other things). It doesn’t matter what software you are using, the idea of using an optical disk for floppy disk type acess to dvd/cd doesn’t work…
As far as what I do with nero

Movie backups(dvd9-dvd5), recode
movie backups dvd5-dvd5
data burns to dvd
Play media (I actually like showtime)
cd image burns (I use imgburn for dvd movie backups)
normal data disks (I actually burn a lot of those and that is most of my cd useage)
conversion of avi material to dvd (assored dvd material). I use nero unless it doesnt work, then I use other…
General use
I guess I’m attributing a lot to nero, but most basic functions work. My bigest complaint against nero is avi to dvd…

If state-of-the-art is what you’re looking for, you might check up the Minnetonka brand name. To judge by their prices, they should be top of their class. Just don’t take it for granted, do a little research first, before shelling those big $$.