Starz pulls TV, movie support for Netflix Instant Viewing



Starz pulls TV, movie support for Netflix Instant Viewing.

[newsimage][/newsimage]On the same day Netflix implemented a controversial price hike, a strong supporter walked away from the table. Cable network Starz announced on Thursday that it will not pursue further talks with the streaming giant. Come February, both Starz original programming and its licensed movies will vanish from Netflix queues.

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Looks like the Shylocks in Hollywierd are yet again trying to extort more money.
When will they learn that stones have only so much blood in them?


The policy of content providers pulling content from the likes of Netflix and Hulu and trying to force people back to regular expensive pay TV is not going to work. The die has been cast as can be seen by the uptake to these online services…


I don’t think it will be to long before media does not exist and it’s all on demand.