Starwars- revenge of the sith help



Im trying to back up starwars and i get this with vobblanker-

VTS 07: Detected 6 cells with pointers mismatched between VTS_C_ADT and PBK tables using VTSM_C _ADT intial and ending pointers. This is quite usual in I LV/ multiangle VTSs, vobblanker does not support them except in skip mode. What do i do the movie has skip next to it, never had this problem before . I wanted to use vobblanker and then menu shrink. compresion was high on dvdshrink .



Did you try to cut out the extra languages and subs that you won’t use with DVD shrink? Some of these can take up more space than you think (hint: look at all the extras as well and not just the main movie).
Sometimes with movies I’ve done this has reduced the compression down to a very acceptable standard.