StarWars III on 2 discs

this movie has mult-angel and per default the 2 views are selected. If I want to copy on 2 discs using the scissors the quality indicator does not change if I select the 1st half of the movie. If I deselect the 2nd view the scissors disappear.
Do I make something wrong? Is the quality 100% if I copy to 2 discs and is the quality indicator wrong? Is it actually possible to copy only 1 view using this program?

No need to backup angles TS2 or TS3 if you read english. It’s just the Star Wars opening scene scrolling text that disappears into space in spanish and french. Just uncheck them.

Do your split on TS1

It’s german and there are 2 video streams of same length (2:14:22 hh:mm:ss) called “Ansicht 1” and “Ansicht 2” (view 1 and 2). If I uncheck any one of them the scissors disappear. If I let both checked and use the scissors to select 1/2 of the movie the quality does not change (even if I select only 10% of the movie). It is around 50%.
I hoped to blank 1 stream with VOBblanker but that doesn’t work.
Can anybody help?

You must cut both streams with the scissors. See the CloneDVD2 user manual for details:

HINT: If you want to split a multi-angle movie, please cut off the same chapters for each camera angle. You can easily recognize titles with different camera angles, as they all have the same playing time!

Hi Tru - I know that and I also read that before posting. The problem is that the quality doesn’t change when cutting - maybe a program bug?
I thing I’ll burn 1 (of 2) discs and check visually if it’s OK.

emit6056, I’m on L.A. time so sorry the late come-back on your post.

Well, your German version is certainly authored differently from my R1 Widescreen version! R1 is authoring is:

TS1 (real movie)

TS2&TS3 (angles containing two different writen languages for the StarWars opening scene scrolling text). But because they are linked to TS1, CloneDVD gives a readout that both TS’s are the full GB count of the movie. So the R1 solution was to unclick 2&3 and then split TS1. I.E., with this movie, you do not have to split all TS’s. And not even by choice (on this movie): no scissors is available for TS2 or TS3. But what Tru said is true :bigsmile: for many other multi-angle movies.

As I’m sure you know, even with only two TS’s, as on your German release, two full versions of the movie would be too much data to fit on one disk. So one is just an angle and one has to be the movie.

Just a silly thought: After you unchecked “Ansicht 2”, did you then “re-highlight” (click on) “Ansicht 1” when you were looking for the the CloneDVD scissors feature?

Other than that, I can’t figure out why the scissors would disappear! On this movie, the scissors should not be available on the angle TS(s) but should be available on the real movie TS.

But you do have to split or Dual Layer the movie to get no compression/best quality.

Please see my post on another forum about StarWars, Episode III. It is the 7th post down page one dated 1. November 2005 @ 23:57

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No bug. If the quality doesn’t change, you haven’t adjusted all angles correctly.
Do not burn before you got it right. Good idea is to write into files, check the results and burn with “Write existing data” button.

He can’t scissor the angle title sets, no are scissors available in the angles. Put your copy of Episode III into CloneDVD and check it out. :slight_smile: SWIII is different than our other angle movie problems. Unless we have different versions. Mine is USA R1 Widescreen Two disk set.

Episode II was the same as I describe and I think episode I was also but it will be 8 hours before I can get home from work to check I.


Guess what - I did. Scissors are there for both angles. (R2, PAL, German, same disc as emit6056 has).
Setting identical chapter cuts to both angles DOES increase video quality, just as I said.

Nope, but we do have different versions. You have more angles than we have. :wink:

Ya, drastically different version authoring! Can’t use your technique on the R1 version. Did your split result in no compression on both backup disks?

So, now I want to see emit6056 post back why he was having a problem about no scissors available for his split.

You write like an American … waddaya doin’ in Germany?

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I discovered when backing up this movie that I had to systmematically work my way thru each angle starting with angle 1 to achieve a desiralble compression ratio.
The quality meter won’t change if you don’t do it one angle at a time.

thanx to whisperer1: my problem was that I didn’t re-highlight “Ansicht 1” after de-selecting “Ansicht 2”. Doing so brought back the scissors and allowed to break movie into 2 pieces with 100% quality. Stupid mistake!

> You write like an American … waddaya doin’ in Germany?

looking at out politicians I also ask me that sometimes :wink: Joking aside - I work for an US company here in Germany and I have many friendly colleangues over there.

Sure! :wink: