Starwars Battlefront II Issues

Hello all, I think i’m the first poster on this, as I have searched as much as I could. I bought the CD Version of SW: BF2 today and I cannot even launch it. Its complaining of my Alcohol 52% install i’m sure. I do want to create a backup, but most importantly, I want to play the game withOUT uninstalling Alcohol. I did try SR7.Stop and that didn’t work.

Any help would be appreciated.

i have the same problem about my bfII copy.

when i try to launch the game, get the error “conflict with disc emulator software detected” (i have allready hidden all the virtual drives)

the game is protected with securom 7

[15:06:02] SecuROM detected -> F:\GameData\GameData\battlefrontII.exe

i have read the related forums, i did change registry settings as told somewhere (for mounted drive registry key, to deny administrator rights)
still have the same problem. does anyone know about any patch or sth for this version of securom? any help would be appriciated.


solved this problem.
i can help, if u mail me.

You dont allow mail through the site. What is your e-mail address?

I need help, please. My stronghold 2 bakcup has sr7 too, and it shows me a error message when I execute it.

Yeah im having same trouble with BF2. Getting errors like security module could not be activated. Tried setting program to run in win 2k mode and all that still nothing, please help! :sad:

Here too, and I tried sr7.stop but it doesnt seeem to pick up any drives to ‘hide’??? Using Daemon Tools 4 and mounting a mds i found online.

Any help woudl be appreciated.

yup yup… same issue here

using daemon tools 4 and using hide virtual drives as well

I am getting this " A required security module cannot be activated"

Try making your own .mds.

I think maybe you all (or most) have a Rootkit installed/problem
see - then jump over to to get RKR (RootKitRevealer)

I would doubt it’s a MSI installer, or InstallShield issue

I made a guide here

I Still have the same problem, I mount the image with daemon tools 4, then shut it down, hide the drives with sr7.stop 1.1 it says it hides the virtual drives, but then i use virtual cd hide and also says it hides the drives, shut down virtual cdhide, and sr7.stop, set the launchbfII.exe and BFII.exe to win2000 compatibility, an run the game from the program files/lucasarts and also from the virtual drive, but it tells me the same thing, some problem with the emulator, i also see that when i leave virtual cdhide open it says that the game has a trouble with some security module, but still dont work, Can anyone Help ??

HI guys looks like many of us have this problem with Starwars Battlefront 2 … including my self . I gave up

This Securom 7 ,Sure hase us Beat
I think we all should be very careful , with our Oirignal copy.
Till someone thinks of something simple and positive
to make our back ups WORK propley

tankado, thank you for sharing the Securom 7 work-around posted in this forum with subject “Star Wars Battlefront II Solution” available at:

FYI… I did not need to use SR7_Stop (or other utility/program like it) and only needed to “disable” my DVD-RW Drive (IDE) to get the BFII image to work.

I am using the updated Daemon Tools 4.00 with Emulation = “All options ON”, loading an image that I created with the latest Blindwrite 5.

I know other’s results may differ. Best of luck to all.

you have the official version? please make and ISO of that and send to me…

so I can have the original data and not a backup…

I would be able to make a good nocd from that I think, cuz this game is giving us all hell …