StarWars BattleFront copy pb


I am currently trying to backup my StarWars BattleFront (French edition)
Regarding the excellent CD Freaks tutorial :slight_smile: , I have used CloneCD v5 to read the original CD (Protected games read)then I have patched the image.ccd with TwinPeak v0.2 regarding the BWA profile that I have got on the makeabackup web site.
Finally I have write a CD/RW using CLONE CD and the patched image.

When I start the game, I get the menu screen but when I want to continue I get this message “Unable to authenticate original disc within time limit”
Is someone could help me ?

Thanks a lot
PS : Alcohol 120% + ArrayScanner Twin Creator gives me the same result
My CD writter is “HP DVD Writter”

Do you have Blindwrite installed ? If so, you have to ‘deactivate’ the ‘Patin couffin engine’ in your device manager. But there can be many other reasons.
e.g. my LiteOn 24102B only ‘likes’ Twinpeaked copies of Blindwrite 4.25/4.57, those done with Twinpeak 0.2 or Twincreator don’t work (sounds strange, but true)
Do you have a opportunity to test in another drive, maybe your copy is ok, but your HP isn’t capable of starting TP copies.

Thanks for your help.
I have also tried with my laptop Writter which is a HL-DT-ST RW DVD GCC 4243N. I’ve got exactly the same result .

Unfortunately, I haven’t BlindWrite.

Blindwrite 4.57 trial:
If you want to give it a try, the BWA has to have the same name as your image: in your case you must rename it to BF_1.BWA, and move it to the folder containing your image
BWA’s for SW Battlefront:

I have tried that, unfortunately I’ve got a new message when I launched the backup : “Please insert the original disk instead of a backup. See for more details”.
I have also made my own BWA with the original CD. A try with it gave me the same result.
Thanks for your help.

what protection is the french version? i take it as securom
have you made sure that you have a ATIP hider turned on

ben :slight_smile:

Ben & Terramex,
Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it …

  • Ben, I didn’t know about ATIP, I will check that thanks to your quick guide.
    French version is a Securom, I have check it with last A-ray version.
  • Terramex, I have restored my Windows System and re-install BlindWrite 4.57 because I didn’t found how to disable PCouffin driver. This time, I have unchecked Patin Couffin driver at installation process. The result is unfortunately the same “Please insert the original disk …See securom web site for more details”


Securom 5 doesn’t check ATIP.
Have you checked the link , that i gave you in the PM

I have tried that you suggest me Terramex, Unfortunatelly, I’ve got the same messages.
I have tried with my initial patched.ccd (Clone CD + Twin peak image) and with my BlindWrite image.
I have also tried the Ben’s proposal without any success.

This protection makes me crazy !