Startup problems with Pye dvd recorder. PYE prv645

Have problems with this DVD recorder.
Went on holiday for a week and turned off the electric , after switching back on. It has gone into startup mode and can’t get it to function properly. Have tried troubleshooting section in the booklet, and this is not covered. Sometimes after a long while we do get the clock on, but as soon as we try press open button, or start button the whole box goes off. Anybody got any answers?:a Very frustrating.

Hi rockybrian and welcome to MyCE. :flower:

The Pye PRV 645 is made by Philips and is basically a version of the Philips 610.

So try following the full factory reset procedure below taken from the Philips website.

[B]1.[/B] Disconnect the DVD recorder from the power outlet.

[B]2.[/B] Wait 30 seconds.

[B]3.[/B] Press and hold down STANDBY-ON button on the front of
the recorder while reconnecting to the power outlet.

[B]4.[/B] Release STANDBY-ON button when “IS THE TV ON?”
appears on the display. All the information stored in the
memory (programmes, time) will be cleared. Complete the
first installation again and reset any items you have adjusted
during your use of the recorder.


It may be victim of power surge while gone. Keep important tech on battery-backup UPS surge bricks. “Surge” strips are useless, direct wall connection is just as bad. Tech dies easily from power-related problems.

Lost a lot of things myself, even on UPS (battery runs out, and loss of power can literally kill device).