Startup problem with Toshiba laptop

I have been given a Toshiba Tecra 500CDT laptop computer and am having trouble with it. I was told that it had a operating systen installed ( Win 95 ). when I was given it. Now come the problem. When I turn it on, it checks the memory which takes about 10 min. it then says that the memory check is complete and that is as far as it goes. After about 1 hour the screen goes dark and to get the screen back I have to restart and the problem goes round and round. What could be wrong and how do I fix it? I can’t afford to take it to a tec as I am a pensioner. so if anyone can help me fix the problem I would appricate it. I fogot to say that the laptop only has a cd-rom drive and not a 3 1/2 floppy drive so it is difficult to start with a boot disk to format and reinstall windows. Would a windows 95 cd be a bootable cd? I would like to format and reinstall windows, pref windows 98se. Would a windows 98se cd also be a bootable cd?If anyone can help? Please!!! Chris.

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It might indeed be a good idea to check if the laptop can start from CD. I don’t know for sure about the Win95 cds, but I know that the 98(SE) discs are perfectly bootable.

It may be that you have to enable CDROM boot in the BIOS of your laptop. Can you enter the BIOS of your laptop? If you can, enable the setting, pop in a 98SE disc and see what happens!

Good luck and report back (in case of failures, questions or succes ;))

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I have the same problem. I tried to change in the BIOS to anable CDROM as bootable device. But I can’t see CDROM as bootable device. I can see only FDD or HDD. Please help me to rectify this problem


I have one also and I dug it out of the closet last week to install a linux distro on it to sell. It will not boot to the cd. To answer a previous post about it not having a floppy drive is not good. The floppy plugs into the left of the laptop and it hangs in a most inconvenient way. You need this floppy to load a boot disk. I would get a USB card and then a USB floppy to use to load the boot disk, BUT…you need the machine to load the driver to get the card bus to use the USB floppy! You could take your hard drive out and put it into some one elses laptop and install a basic minimum install for windoze or linux with USB features and then plug it back into the Tecra. It would take some fooling around to get it to work, but it is your only way.The reason I am installing linux on this machine is that it will run faster and have more bells and whistles. I might also add that you need as much memory as possible to run this thing, I have something like 88 megs and running X windows in linux is pressing it. For bootdisks check out to get you in the right direction.