Startup Gives New Meaning To Floppy Disk

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Some dude found out how he can make CD’s that are thin enough to wrap with a soda can or to put with a magazine. It’s cheap and easy, the only…

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this is nice stuff but when this is comming out in like 3010.

laughs A CD needing a cockring to keep it stiff!

Nice Idea, but didn’t they allready do this way back in the vinyl eara? And what became of that idea? Yes, down the drain! Nice idea, but how will you convince the majority of people that this is just as good as a regular CD or DVD?

I have my doubts…but it’s a nice idea though!

So if i copy one of those with CloneCD, will the copy come out all wiggly and thin?


20 January? WTF?

It’s a sucky idea. I don’t wanna pay a buck more for my cereal, just because there’s a thin thingy in it that contains some adult related materials of the Frosties tiger.

one really great concept! all drives will be compatable some day

is the cd damage resiliant i.e, whay happens when u fold it?

hmmm … maybe thats the explaination why all my cd`s crack when i bend them around soda cans =) … actually i think thats what all people want to do with they cds =)

Damn, I’m not interrested at all in AOL being able to spread it’s junk cds even more easily and at a lower cost.
And I’m sure these cds can’t even make decent frisbees.

Complete waste of time

sounds great and all, but the most important thing is, how do we copy it, and is it compatible with clonecd?

sorry guys, i just had to.