Startup errors with DVDFab Qt Beta




I am running Windows 7, 64-bit on an Intel quad-core system. I installed Beta and when I go to run the program, I get a series of error messages saying that windows cannot load the individual .exe files for each module in dvdfab. The directory location where the program is looking does not exist, but the .exe files do exist, but in a different directory than what the program is using. There is no way to change that setting.
Also, when I try to register the product, I get the message saying the product is registered, but when the program restarts (and after all the error messages) it says trial user again. The program appeared to function in that I was able to make several back-up copies of dvds.

I purchased the all-in-one package with lifetime updates and access to all mysterious upcoming dvdfab products. I realize it is a beta version and that there will be bugs. just wondering if anybody else has had the same issue.



I’ve experienced the same issue on a Win7 32-bit machine, but my 64-bit Win7 machine did NOT experience the same issue. Very strange.