I have a problem with my startpage in Internet Explorer. My startpage is normally But each time i start IE, the computer keeps busy with making the connection to the website and finally says that he couldn’t find the server.

My browser works for the rest properly, but i can’t make the connection to this particular site, mentioned above. Even if i try by typing it or searching it with google.

I several times runned spybot, ad-aware and my virusscanner. But the problem remains.

Please help me. Thank you.

Do you have popup blocking software (might be rejecting page altogether?). Are you accepting cookies? Is active-x enabled?

My PoPCop found the following elements but allowed for the page to load just fine:
Pop-up Ad
Pop-up Flash Movie
Script Mouse Tricks
Active-X Controls

Can you try accessing this page through another browser?
This would help determine if it is DNS related or a browser issue.

Hmm does it do this all the time, meaning whenever you open the browser it comes with a page not found??

I just had this same exact problem. Go to Windows explorer C:\Windows, find a file called HOSTS, and delete it. Some spyware program has probably hijacked your HOSTS file and blocked your startpage and search engines. After that, use Spybot’s HOSTS file to keep it from happening again. These spyware\adware people need to be shot!

After that install MyIE2 and have all those cool features built in your browser. (Freeware of course)

You dont have to delete the hosts file. You can edit and remove the pages you want to display again. Mine has gotten to be large

the hosts file is more for keeping known hosts, than preventing ones you dont want.