Startopia and HP 9500i

I have an HP 9500i and want to make a copy of startopia. Any ideas on how to do this. I made an image using clone cd, then run it through betablocker, and finally use cdrwin to burn the image. I tried multiple times and have still failed to get a working copy made. I would appreciate all the help I can get.

Do you think if I
create an image using clone cd
run the image through beta blocker
burn the image using clone cd instead of cdrwin

do you think that this might work.

I only have two more days before I have to give this game back to my brother, and would love to get this resolved by then.

First thing you do is check which protection was used. Use a so called copy-protection scanner for this like ClonyXL and report back.

BetaBlocker can only be used for the SafeDisc 2 protection but it won’t work with all games and/or writers! For more information on how to bypass the SafeDisc 2 protection check here.