Starting to get read errors, burner going?

Ok well I have the NEC 1100A and I know when trying to make a copy of a DVD that is dirty or scratched up alittle you get an error creating the files.Well now I’m starting to get the errors more frequently even when the condition of the disc is almost perfect.I was even trying to make a copy of a copy so i can have a few in my car and I got errors reading that at the same percentage everytime.Between backing up my collection and my brothers we have made 300-400 DVDs I understand that we are pushing this burner. Could the laser been worn?If so I bought it from about 3 months ago can I send it back for the warrenty even though its not totally broke?
Thanks for the help

Hi there,

It seems quite unlikely to me that your burner can onyl do a couple of hundred of copies before it dies (it should be able to do a couple of 100,000 I guess). I got a NEC1300a which I used to burn about 300DVDRs and read over 1000 discs (cd(r(w)), dvd(r(w))) and that one’s still like new (nothing strange about that).

The problem you are describing, makes me think of two different things:

  1. Your IDE cable may be a little loose or so, causing this problem
  2. Your writer’s lens is filthy

First, of course, check the cable. You might want to exclude the possible software factor as well. A good way is to boot Knoppix. from your DVD drive and play around a little (this is completely undependant from Windows and quite intensive for your writer).

If this all doesn’t help, please contact us again :slight_smile: