Starting RimhillEX (speed control software) triggers full blanking on CD-R and DVD-RW!

Although I mainly use Linux Mint, I have observed something with RimhillEX (for Windows):

When starting RimhillEx while a CD-RW or DVD-RW is inserted in the optical drive:

  • Externally used internal SATA and IDE optical drives (through an adapter; both half-height and slim type) initiate a full disc erasure (and become unresponsive). After finishing, it stays unresponsive indefinitely until disconnected.
  • External optical drives spin up, the LED lamp blinks as if it were writing, but the erasure never happens, and it becomes responsive again shortly after.

This does not happen on DVD+RW, because it has no dedicated deletion command.

I forgot to ask:

  • Am I the only one to experience this or can anyone confirm?
  • What is the technical reason for this behaviour?