Starting From scratch

Hi everyone, I am just getting started to copy/backup my kids movies :cool: . I bought a Dell Laptop with a DVD Burner (NEC DVD+RW ND-6650A). I have tried the free trial of Clone DVD and DFAB express. I have copied a few movies but everytime I go to opy a movie longer than 120 minutes I get an error that the DVD I am copying to is too small. Is there a way just to copy a few chapters onto a single DVD? :confused: More imprtantle which DVD copy software do you guys reccomend for e newby like me, nothing too complicated - more interested in ease of use than in all the options. Great forum! Look foward to reading more threads and learning. :iagree:

Best regards - White Buffalo

are you using clonddvd2 from slysoft or elby? You might have it set up to copy to a dvd9 or double layer disk. Make sure on the second screen dvd5 is selected. You may need anydvd to copy movies. hope this helps you>

I was using CloneDVD2 from slysoft. I also used 1 click DVD copy. Which one do you recommend using? IS one better than the other for video quality? Thanks for answereing my initial post!

They both will do what you want, it’s really up to you which one suits you best. I think 1Click DVD Copy might be a bit more user friendly but If you take a look at the Tutorial section in this forum there should be one for each and they are both easy to use after you read the tutorial and you can fit the whole movie on one DVD with both programs.

Just a thought! Many on this forum use Shrink and DVDFab Decrypter! Works everytime and free! I was able to backup The Cave with those two programs with ease!

You’ll need to shrink you larger movies down to around 4 gig to fit on a single 4.7 gig dvd-/+r. As ETP mentioned above…dvd shrink is great at this. I’ve never used cloneDVD, but it may do this natively as well, or split a larger movie on to 2 blank dvd’s

good luck

Im not sure why but The Cave was the only dvd I have had problems copying…

Jay, what probs are you having… Fab should do this backup no problem. Try giving your disc a good cleaning before using Fab, sometimes a dirty disc is all the prob. is.

I use DVD Shrink along with DVD Decrypter. Never had any problems backing-up and movie even without using anyDVD which some people seem to swear by.

Thanks everyone for helping me get started! White buffalo

If you are trying to back up the whole movie then that could be the problem!