Starting from scratch, copying DVD movies



I want to copy commercial DVD movies for personal use. These will all be new movies that I buy and I want to make copies for my second home.

I am pretty much starting from scratch. I play my DVDs now on a Denon 1600 which I am happy with. I want to set up a DVD recorder in another room. Both rooms have DirctTv Tivo. I want to buy a DVD player for my second home and I want the DVD’s that I copy to be able to play on both the Denon 1600 as well as the new machine (not bought yet). In other words, I want to buy a DVD recorder, a DVD player and the appropriate software, if needed. I have no interest in copying DVD’s online. These will all be DVD;s that I already have or will buy. I just want one additional copy of each and the way it works I will only be able to listen to them one at a time since I will only be either at home or at the cabin. I don’t mind copying on my computer if necessary, although if I need to do that, I also need a recommendation on a computer based DVD burner :slight_smile:

Can I get some advise on what I would need to accomplish this? Advise on both hardware and software, please.

Thank you all in advance,



see the dvd shrink guide in my signature