Starting a project, please help



K. Since everyone is really interested in the quality that CloneDVD produces I have decided that I am going to Ripp 2 movies. 1 longer movie which I have chosen to be BraveHeart and 1 shorter movie switch I still has to be decided. What I want to do is see if there is any real noticeable difference between CloneDVD and the others out there. Please reply with the programs that you would like to see me compare CloneDVD to. THanks

At the end of the test I will be reviewing the movies that where ripped and burt, I will then also post pics of the burns at the same moment in the movie. I will try to get some Dark part and light pars.

Thanks for any suggestions on what other software you would like to see compared here, if you could also post a link as to where I can download it i will greatly appriciate it. THanks


I’d suggest SW:AotC or DieAnotherDay, as those seem if’y regards subtitles, and are plenty long.
I’d like your opinion compared to D2O 1.2 (Constant mode for long and Cariable for short one?), and to Shrink prepped IC…
We talkin’ movie-only here?


Yes movie only, 6 Channel English Audio, not subtitles, no menus, nothing else.

Thanks for your input. I knew I could count on your Loggy.

PS. please do not use abriviations, I am new with this DVD burning stuff and makes it kinda hard to figure out what is being said. LOL

So far I have for testing software


THis might take a few days for me to get it done, but I am going to start working on it as soon as i can.


My understanding is that ‘no subs’ on a lot of movies mean no translations during foreign/alien dialog (as one would expect during a theatrical release). Seems to be controversial, though…
And use of Constant/Variable rate, and for what kind/type/variant of movie seems impossible to extract from D2O developers (I’m glad Olli is more forthcoming…!).

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