Starting 10/31 Verb DL 10 Pack $20 @ Micro Center

For all my online friends: Just left my local store where I saw many 10 packs around. Asked the CSR what was up. He stated that starting Monday they would be $19.95. Typically they stay on sale for the month.

B&M (brick and mortar). I don’t know about online.


They are Awesome with BenQ 1640 only if burnt at 8X. Any lower speed, I dont recommended unless you use a different burners. For the folks out there that been buying Memorex DL, this is a major upgrade for you, it is like heaven when comparing to Memorex DL. And for $20 per 10 discs, this is super cheap

And for those who are looking for Inkjet printable Verbatim, check out my item on Ebay for cheap:
Link to Verbatim Inkjet Printable on Ebay

I find that 2.4 is the best speed for me on my 1640. It’s worth the wait for a good burn. Heh

Here’s my newest one:

$5 for 290 dvds, but $100 shipping?!!! A little strange, don’t you think?

Really. I can almost fly out to pick them up for that price.
Maybe he works for the postal system.

Anyone know if they have Micro Center in Los Angeles?

Buyer will still end up with the same price, that way I dont suffer much on ebay listing fee since the ending price is small. Ebay charges 3% of the ending price, that way, the buyer still get the price they want and I save on ebay listing fee. I also get taxed by paypal too. Damn, dam company getting taxed both ends

Go to and use their store locator to find out if there is any in LA area

In California they only show stores in Santa clara and Tustin/Irvine. I would not count on them being on sale all month. If you look at the print ads you will see the sales always end on the 16th. I asked about this at the store here in Texas since you are right, the sales almost always go all month. They told me that on the 16th they check the quantities in stock and if there are still plenty, they run the sale the rest of the month. If quantities are low, they end the sale on the 16th. On top of that, thier ad says “Quantities are limited by manufactures avalability or while supplies last” “No rain checks, except in Michigan”. Considering how fast people snatched up the verbatium 3 packs for 5.50$ at staples (18.33$ for 10), I wouldn’t expect these to last long at all so thanks for the early heads up. I’ll be there monday!!!
I wonder if bestbuy would price match and let me use best buy bucks?

what’s a microcenter and can you order from them online?

Simply Google Micro Center.

They are kind of like fry’s but maybe with a few less stores. The are only computers and electronics though, no appliances and stuff.
They do sell online but I’ll warn you, their reseller ratings are not that great (though thier are only a handfull of ratings). I don’t mind shopping thier because thier is a store locally and you have no idea what a prick I can be if someone tries to screw me over, but I might be a little lerry ordeering online. Of course I have never personally had any problems with them locally.
The big question is, will this price be good online, or is it an in store sale only? I guess well have to wait till they actually go on sale to find out.

Ah! Online or price match by BB.
How would one go about trying that? Is there a print ad from Micro we could bring into BB?

Thier is a print ad but I don’t think that best buy will price match unless the store you want to price match has stores locally. they will not match internet prices either. Of course you could get someone stupid that doesn’t know any beter or care? How close are the two california stores to where you live?

Fark, why is it I always miss the good deals. I could really use this about now too.

Bestbuy online had this deal a few weeks ago, Jesterrace, just sit back and wait, you will see another online deal soon

I think that dual layer prices are going to continue to drop, especially around the holiday season. For one thing, faster speeds are avalable. Who wants to pay top dollar for 2.4x when you can get 6x for the same price? On top of that, not only has verbatium been on sale this cheap a few times recentlly, but memorex dual layer has been on sale a few times even cheaper. compusa had 25 memorex dual layer for 25$. I know that memorex are crap. but the average person doesn’t and they are not going to pay 4$ for verbatium when they can get memorex for 1$. They have to drop the prices some to compete (which they are).
Fyi speak of the devil, newegg has verbatium dvd+r dual layer 6x on sale for 30$ with 2$ 3 day shipping and a free 24 cd wallet. If you can get 6x for 30$, who would want to pay much more than 20$ for 2.4x? If you are interested in the newegg deal, you beter jump. We all know how fast their sales go on and off. If not, I’m quite sure you will see more of the 2.4x on sale this cheap or cheaper. That why I am not going to stock up. I’ll just buy a few because I expect them to get even cheaper than this (especially around black friday).

As far as the Verbatim go, the 2.4x and the 6x are the same media. It just depends on the burner as to what speed can be done.

Of course, not everyone will know that, so people might be hesitant because the packaging only says 2.4x

Does anyone have a link for the ad?

The ad doesn’t come out until Monday, tomorrow.

ripit. Verbatim only makes 2.4x media, which will burn up to 8x on certain drives. Their box states 2.4-6x however. So the ones at Micro Center are the same, for $19.95.

I came across a bad batch of Verbs DL - purchased from BestBuy. Even at 2.4X, the scans were terrible, always below 75% quality with the BenQ 1640. I just hope things improve :frowning: