Started getting Coasters Burning Problem



I am having problem buring dvds. I backup the dvd with DVD Decrypter and burn with InterVideo DVDCopy 3 but few days ago i stated getting coasters. but i didn’t get any error message. it said burning success / completed. no errors at all. When i look at the disk it only used half of the disk. i can clearly see the line on the dvd. I tried to play the dvd but it doesn’t play. I did uninstall/install the intervideo dvd copy 3 but still getting coasters. Everything was fine before. i used the same dvd media and everything.

also tried with dvdshrink …same result.

my burner is Nec 2500a and firmware version : Herrie 1.08v3-2



Have you installed any software since your successful burns?


i remember i recently upgraded to Herrie 1.08v3-2 … mayb that’s the problem…

i also tried with nero image buring but same result…burn half of the disk…and can’t play on dvd player…

How can i restore to factory firmwarm? can i just download the latest firmwarm from Nec website?


Hopefully it can solve the problem. But I am not an experrt in NEC “stuff”, so I would suggest visiting the NEC Forum here in CDF. Members will be able to help you, I am sure.
Good luck.


@ aznspiki,

I have a NEC ND-2500 and have flashed it to version 2.F9 firmware and have not had any problems. The Herrie 1.08v3-2 modified firmware that you reference uses some media write strategies that might be too aggressive for DVD media you are using.

I suggest using the version 2.F9 firmware ( This firmware provides NEC ND-2510A features with Rip Lock/Region Free/Bitsetting and the newest stock media write features. This is a very stable firmware and you should not have any problems using it.

Also suggest visiting the CD Freaks NEC Forum ( as suggested by alex thyl for any NEC firmware information.

Also suggest reviewing the following Forum thread for information on selecting reliable DVD media for your NEC ND-2500. (

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