Start to burn and PC turns off (XP update problem?)

OK I dont know what the problem is but here is what I can tell you…

Today I tried to burn some files to disk under Nero DVD-Data disk.
Plenty free space on the HDD.
The Writer and HDD are on different IDE lines/sockets.
Windows XP SP2 fully updated to just before WGA.
After what I told it to burn I clicked Burn to start the proccess…

It loaded up to burn the info:
Buffing 100%
Proccess oh disk: 1%

Then all of a sudden my PC instantly turns it self off and wont switch on for 30 seconds… :a

I have tried to burn it a few times and once it was burning upto about 56% then my pc instantly turned off.
This is wasting my disks and driving my nuts!

Now I never had this problem 1 month ago when I was burning lots of DVD-Data. Nothing has changed to my PC since then except a Windows update.

If anybody can help me combat this problem I would gladly thank you and others suffering this problem too.

I have a problem too but when burning it totaly and instantly turns my pc off and cant be turned on for 30 seconds!

I have posted my problem here:

Could anybody help me?
Im wasting blank disks and sweating over this!

What exactly was the update?
Can you roll the OS back?

I can’t roll the OS back ferther than 4 days ago. :frowning:
Im not sure what the update was. But it was within 1-2 months of auto updates.

Go to device manager and delete both the DVD and the ide channels and reboot so that MS XP will reinstall them. Try a burn and let us know what happens.

I did as you said in Device manager (uninstalled DVDRW and IDE)
Tried to write a disk and got to 2% then instant turn off (power off)

Abother blank disk ruined :frowning:

Uninstall, run cleantool. Properly newly install.

Bad PSU or mainboard.


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Sounds like the board/PSU to me, as mciahel said. If your board supports a monitoring app with PSU voltage monitoring open it up in front of Nero or whatever, click burn, and watch the voltages. If they fluxuate much more than a 3/10ths of a volt – and even that’s a lot – before it dies, it’s your PSU. If not it’s likely the motherboard. Try different RAM in the system and if possible try another writer. I doubt the update is the source of the problem, but hey, I’ve seen crazier things.

Update your video and soundcard drivers to the latest versions, as well as your motherboard chipset drivers (especially if this is a VIA based board), and flash up to the latest firmware for that drive. Update Nero 6 to current – as I write this – and try another disc. If it still bombs, it’s probably hardware.


if it ain’t the psu it might be the cpu over heating. try taking off the hsf (heat sinking fan) and cleaning the dust balls in between the fins.

Go the the MS update sight and you can ask for a list of your history on updates. Find the one your speaking of the go to add remove programs and uninstall it. I had to do that on an IE 6 update that kept crasing my connection to the internet.

Ok I shall try uninstalling all windows updates from the past 2 month.

Well uninstalling updates didnt change a thing :frowning:

I just dont understand how it can just turn off like pulling the plug from the socket.
It does sounds like a PSU issue, but then how was it working 2 month ago?

Well if you need to know my PSU its: 350 Watt.
I have tried changing IDE cables and even power connections to the PSU

But what brand is it? The cheaper made generic ones usually cannot even supply that figure once. A good reliable brand is Antec, and are usually reasonably priced, and supply a steady supply to the PC, unlike the cheaper ones that under load have spikes and and drops which is probably the problem with yours. Recommendation is at least a 400-450 watt from a good manufacturer.

In the past I have had my power packs overheating and once burning out. Because the fans in them seems to slow or even stop :frowning:

I tried writing a dick at 4x 1 hour ago insted of 8x. It fot to 28% then turned off :frowning:
So yeah it looks like it has something to do with the amout of power its drawing from the PSU, but if thats not the case then I dont know what to do. :confused:

Like silentcircuit said, the easiest way to check your power supply is to check the voltages, either through software or with a multi meter. Speed fan can tell voltages and is free. You can watch the voltages and if they are drastically changing when you start a burn, it is most liklly your power supply. Check it now before your power supply dies and takes something else with it.

I took your advice on buying a new PSU from the shop, I got myself a nice 650:Watt Supply :slight_smile:
Type of PSU: Winpower 650:Watt
Lots of testing and failsafe awards.

I went to burn some files to dvd and guess what… IT WORKED!

I dont know how to say thank you enough for the help you have given me to solve my problem but here is a big Thank You to you all :flower:

I’m just curious, could you return the winpower if you wanted to? I checked them out and what I could find quicklly is that they seem to be ok but they are one of the cheaper power supplys. Anyone know for sure how good they are? Power supplys are a very important component and it is often beter to go with a smaller one from a beter brand than a larger one from a cheap brand. I’m not personally farmiliar with winpower though so I cannot say for sure.