Start button ss not there



I have tried to use several trial versions of DVD Fab. DVDFab decrypter, express, gold en platinum.
I cannot use the programs because there is no start button.
What is the solution for this problem?


Strange. Remove all the programs, download and install one of them. Start button should be there. In express it is in bottom middle.


I have done all of that.
A clean install of one of the programs do not give me a start button.
Even a registry clean does not help.


Can you post a screenshot? I am lost here but maybe someone else will be able to help…


You can see it by youself; no start button.


This is ridiculous. Also, the bar that represents the process should be full width of the window. I am afraid only Fengtao can help. I have just on more faint idea: try installing in another language (incl. region settings in Windows).


Installing another language gives…no start button en an empty bar.


If anyone come up with a fix for the problem I hope they post it here.
Never had the problem but still would like to know the whys and whatfors.

I am known world wide as a button pusher just to see what happens but first you have to have a button to push.


I have this error as well. Please help. :bow:

I have tried everything to fix it. :sad:

It was working fine until I upgraded to 2977.


i even reinstalled windows, nothing worked.

i really liked dvd fab, but after this frustration I’m switching to anydvd. :frowning:


Your screen post appears to be free version DVDFab Decrypter. Are you sure you downloaded right one? The other one was Express. I think solution is to install with computer set as English then set as needed. Notice DVDFab Decrypter in top bar on left.

If you are using DVDFab Decrypter ther is a tutorial and a lot of info on this link: