Starsky and Hutch

Anyone been able to copy this dvd. It is a brand new disc, and I am getting the image file is corrupted at 99% when using DVD X Copy Platinum and AnyDVD.

Anyone else have any luck with this DVD?

I had absolutely no problem with this disc. I used Shrink and then Alcohol.

I had no problem either. AnyDVD and CloneDVD2.

No problem. Using AnyDVD,dvd2one.Copytodvd.

No Problem with this DVD… Used InterVideo DVD Copy 2 and AnyDVD… Burner is a Lite-On LDW-851s…

Same here Anydvd and Clonedvd2. :iagree:

no problem with that disk using DVDShrink 3.2

If you have X Copy Platinum, that means you have X Rescue. Run the disc through that, and it will fix the files and allow you to burn them to a new blank.


I use DVD X Copy and had this same problem at 99%. My problem was using cheap Mitsumi media. When I used Fuji or Memorex, the burn worked no problem. In fact I have had 100% success with Fuji and Memorex DVD’s. I had a 30% failure rate with Mitsumi DVD’s. I am using a Sony burner.

I’m using dvdshrink in combination with AnyDvd.
That’s working perfectly.

JH :bow: