Stars Wars Trilogy DVD Backup Issues

I ripped Star Wars Episode IV, V and VI using the newest DVD Decrypter without any issues, burned them to Dual Layer DVD’s and they won’t play properly on my Denon 1710 DVD player. It just freezes up on the screen where it says “This motion picture has been rated PG blah blah…”. I can play them just fine on my Panasonic DVD Player/Burner for my PC though. I don’t think it’s the DVD blanks because I’ve burned a few others (Pink Floyd - The Wall, Troy) and they play fine on my Denon.
I’m wondering if DVD Decrypter removed something from the originals (like a protection of sorts) and it’s confusing the Denon player. :confused:

Im not 100% sure because I dont use DVD decrypter, but I had a similar problem using AnyDVD because it selects the option to remove trailers/adverts/user-prohibited operations by default & that was confusing some standalone DVD players I played the discs in. Look for a similar function in DVD decrypter & disable the removing of the trailers/adverts/user-prohibited operations. Maybe that will work…

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moving thread since it has nothing to do with clonedvd.

if you’re ripping and burning the isos using dvd decrypter, nothing should be changed software-wise that would affect the ability of the dvd to be read by a dvd player. are you ripping in iso mode?

Thanks for the replies folks, and sorry for posting in the wrong area - I didn’t realize CloneDVD was an actual product. I was just like “yup, I’m cloning a DVD ; )”

I left DVD Decrypter as is with all it’s ripping defaults so it creates the Video folder with the VOB files in it. I just ran a test. If I rip Star Wars (IV, V or VI) the same exact way with DVD Decrypter and then open those extracted files with DVD Shrink and create an ISO file from that and then burn it, it seems to work just fine in my DVD player. What’s up with that? I’ve burned plenty of just straight VIDEO folders to DVD in the past without issues. Is there a setting in DVD Decrypter to rip as an ISO?

The best (only reliable?) method at present to do DL from a pressed disc:

DVDDecrypter, Mode -> ISO Read. Then Mode -> ISO Write. And if you’ve messed at all with the settings, set them back to defaults first. If the file structure is altered in any way, layer break problems are likely.

Thanks fritzi93 - Looks like the Denon 1710 could use a firmware upgrade. These discs I burned with just the Video files work not only on my Panansonic burner/player, but on my Thinkpad T-41 and some crappy Samsung DVD/VHS player we have here at work.

Might be a media incompatiliby with that Denon player - they vary quite a bit with different media. What DL media was used, what burn speed, and was DVD-ROM bitsetting used?

I used a Ritek DVD +R DL, burned at 2.4x on Ahead Nero and I don’t believe bitsetting was used unless it’s a default somewhere. Where do you set that?

I used the same method for Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Troy and both play fine on my Denon.

Freakin weird, my buddy just tried the VIDEO files burned Star Wars that don’t work on my Denon on his Magnavox and some old Memorex DVD players and it worked on both.

Oh yeah - question for fritzi93 or whomever.
Is DVD Decrypter capable of burning a Dual Layer DVD when you do Mode > ISO write?

Yes indeed. :wink:

Eureka! I did the ol’ ISO Read > ISO Write to a new Dual Layer and my Denon likes it!

And my buddy who’s DVD players work with my old clones decided he wanted this Trilogy too and it giving me $$$ for the price of the blanks. Nothing goes to waste - see how it works out in the end :wink:

I assume your buddy already purchased the trilogy, and his discs are damaged, so you are making backups for the discs he already purchased. :wink:

Wow djmind - you must be psychic :smiley:

I knew it! :iagree:

i backed up episode IV, V and VI. but i am having trouble backing up the bonus disc. i tried to back it up using DVD Shrink v3.2.0.15 but the file size is just over the 4,489MB limit. i have unchecked all other language subtitles and audio but it still won’t fit. the compression is at maximum, it won’t let me select more compression even if i type it in, it goes back to the automatically set compression rate.
is there a program that can compress already ripped .VOBs better?

my specs are:

AMD Athlon XP3200+ (2.2GHz)
Asus A7N8X-X mobo
1GB Corsair PC3200 RAM
Radeon 9800 Pro (128MB)
nForce2 on-board audio
WD 80GB 7200rpm HDD 8MB Cache
WD 80GB 7200rpm HDD 2MB Cache
LG 12x Dual Layer DVD Burner
Thermaltake Case Fan Blue LED
Topower 450W PSU

running WinXP Pro with SP2.

it is best to use DVD -R media. although i don’t think there is -R media available in dual layer format yet. not all DVD players can play +R media. -R media is the most compatible.

>>>>Is there a setting in DVD Decrypter to rip as an ISO?<<<<

YES, and that is what you need to use, if you want to do dual layer exact backups.

Look at the menus at the top. One is “Mode.” Under that, choose “ISO READ.”

Then, once it has been ripped, you go back to that same menu, and choose “ISO WRITE.” Navigate to the correct directory, find the “.MDS” file, and choose it.

You were ripping in file mode, which will not work with dual layer backups.


i have successfully copied the bonus disc. i ripped it using DVD Shrink. i ignored the file size warning saying that it won’t fit on a 4.7GB DVD. then i used CloneDVD 2 to recompress it :smiley: