i have cd With Strang Protection name starlock
at background it run dialog name starlock with two button And
program name cd diagnostic - i think to check the cd -
after message says "this is not the original cd the application will be terminated "
the cd Contain dummy file name lock.dll - 1.99GB
i found that during checking the disc it make temporary file (starlock1.dll)
in c:\windows\A6W_DATA

any suggestions ??

Geocities doesn’t allow file linking, but it is possible to copy/paste the address for thos who don’t know. To get the address, right click dead links and click properties.

I am curious, can you scan this with A-Ray scanner or ClonnyXXL? The dummy lock file is not a problem for a program such as say CloneCD.

What methods have you tried so far to back it up, also tell us what title this is you have that is protected, this information might help.

I suggest trying CloneCd with the default game profile first, read an dburn at 4x, and use good media with good dye. If its lots of dummy files you can also try safedisc profile.

Also, what burner do you have available, that too is important?

Interesting, haven’t heard of this before. May I ask what CD uses this protection?


If it has alot of dummy files the SafeDisc profile won’t really make a difference:), but if it had read errors, then the SafeDisc profile would be good.:slight_smile:

As TheNightMare mentioned, the program is cd diagnostic (or is that the program he used to check the CD?)

Its always great to hear of new protections and finding a way to beat them :D.

Try using CloneCD, that should sort it as xtacydima mentioned.

The protected cd is made by mobile Shop it containg Programs and games for
mobile , when you insert the disc it run macromedia flash to install files - if you try to run files direct from the cd you must type password - the flash automatic write the password .

one thing more that the cd is black same original playstaion cds , i dont know if this mean anything ??

i found that the protection use program name cd diagnostic to check the disc,
when you insert the disc and minimize it you see program name cd diagnostic checking the cd .

if you emulate image by alcohol using RMPS option the program run ok.

i tried with LG Writer with alcohol - clonecd but not with 4X
i have Aopen Writer ,Panansonic SCSI Writer ,and my HP notebook writer
after few days im going to buy orange orn-dd8x dvd writer.

which one you recommend to copy the cd with ??

NightMare - I bet you can find the PASSWORD in the DATA PREPARER field or somewhere like that on the CD :wink:

I bet they linking into that parameter - if thats the case - then you need to extract the data for all those sections…

Might be worth chekcing with the ‘BIG BOYs’ on the best way of doing this?


Little MC :smiley:

Offhand I would suggest the LG writer, especially it it is a recent model. If you posted model numbers that would help. Just use the most recent one, read and write at 4x with the default game profile in CloneCD.

i have used clonecd game and protected game cd profiles but same
the program says
that the disc is not the original one , i think this won’t work with - cheap home made - protections !!

any other idea ??