Starkey bluetooth

hi i have a msi starkey v222bw bluetooth 3x faster usb and running 32bit vista but when i install the driver and click on the icon to transfer files to a mobile phone it crashes my pc everything stays the same it just kind of freezers up nothing moves or works so i have to remove the usb device and restart the computer then everythings fine again if i plug it in again same thing happens do you know of a way of fixing this or does it just not work with vista.thanks in advance

Have you tried the latest drivers? Drivers
I have the same adapter on my laptop. Haven’t tried it with Vista. I heard people were able to get it to work with 64-Bit Vista fine.

can you use a 64 bit driver on a 32 bit machine thanks for the reply but i thought i would ask so i dont make things worse.

No, you won’t be able to use 64 bit drivers on 32 bit OS.

so can i ask what should i try (should i just buy new one ) is there a solution

As of now, I know of no Bluetooth Adapter that is 100% Vista Certified WHQL. You will just have to wait to see if MSI updates drivers for the Starkey otherwise there’s no hope yet. The only way for it to work properly is to keep using it in XP. Are you using Beta version of Vista still? or are you retail?

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