Stargate SG-1 Season 1 Brief horizontal B+W lines when scenery changes

Iv’e tried numerous episodes volume 1-4 of season 1. The problem I keep getting is when the scenery changes I get an extremely brief set of horizontal black and white lines. It last for just enough time to catch it with the naked eye. It does not happen with every scenery change either. To elaborate a bit more I mean by scene change is that the camera moves to a different person, background, location etc. I notice it easily on my 14.1" laptop screen, iphone, and the iphone tv out as well.

I am using the ipod/iphone setting. My standard settings are 1600 kbps 23.997 fps, 640x368 resolution.

Iv’e used 1500, 1600, 1800, 2000 kbps for bitrate as well as trying numerous fps with the 4 bitrate settings through the various episodes in the 4 volumes.

I bought the whole Stargate collection used late last week, and all the dvd’s Iv’e looked at look in perfect condition. I’m stumped at the moment. I am currently trying an episode of season 9 to see how that one turns out.

Any help is appreciated.

Well, after trying out season 9, the quality is much better & has no lines showing when the scenery changes. So I wonder if its because its a slightly older show? The series started in 1996-97 I believe.

At 640x368 I would keep the bitrate as high as your devices will accept. I used to see an effect sort of like this when I compressed DVDs too much with DVDShrink. Never with DVDFab with either the DVD or Mobile modes. I’m looking for the full set also.

With the same bitrate or slightly lower evem it doesn’t do it with the 9th season. Which is about 8 years newer than the first season. They are obviously made on the same technology of dvd currently, but maybe the equipment that was used for that show back then wasn’t so great. Besides at 2000 kbps, thats more than what appletv(maybe netflix as well) uses to stream at I believe. Especially for the iphones screen.

I will try some other things as well as trying the bitrate at a really high level even. Which would defeat the purpose for my portable device though.
I will

Tried the same resolution at 2500 kbps with same results.

What did work about 99% was to drop the resolution to 480X272, which native on the iphone is 480X320. I almost still see it, but its so vague you would have to be watching for it(this all done on the lappy/not the iphone). Weird how you were saying to drop the resolution and see if that works, which it did. Yet the dvd’s much later in the series play fine at the higher resolution.

Although, I did use 1 pass encoding with the test run since it would go much quicker. I am doing the rest in 2 pass right now, and if its the same that will be great.

I wonder how much more quality I get from doing 2 pass encoding than 1 pass?

I am basically setting up my collection to play overly nice on my iphone/lappy, and play at close to a dvd quality using 1600 kbps 2 pass(if 2 pass even pays), since I don’t want to rip, encode & tag the whole collection twice.

[QUOTE=signals;2144726]I’m looking for the full set also.[/QUOTE]

I found a guy local on craigslist willing to sell the set for $100. I was pretty pleased with that since I wasn’t really looking at the time. Price was to good to pass up IMO.