My problem is such that programme starfuck at loading(at logo) it hangs itself that’s that ,What do I have to make?

My config:AMD Athlon 64 3000+ s 939,1gb ddr, Winfast GeForce a 6200, win xp sp2, gigabyte GA-K8NSC

I´ve never heard of this…what´s it about?

Ok…it´s a cd copy protection buster…fine…but what´s that BIG WARNING in the middle about??? :doh:

But, Once(sometime) it acted on this comp

P.S. Do you speak polish??

My guess is some kind of conflict…maybe your anti-virus or firewall, or MS updates…changes there maybe?
Try a new download and/or reinstall this program…

Sorry no… :disagree:

Boze Narodzenie :wink:

Dobra, zaraz użyję starfucka v0.82 a nie v0.83

I use starfuck v 0.82 and… well done!


what methods of channel? Normal,Aggresive & SupperAggresive??