Anybody encounter this seemingly nasty protection.
It seems that this one works with some type of encryption.
When it is implemented into the developer lever it can be put in with different levels.

But of all the methods used they have been broken in days or weeks.

But this one might be different.

the link dont work.

fuck yeah that protection is nasty i saw it yesterday in the game Horse Racing Manager (french game but multilanguage)
that shit is mega nasty… cannot back up at ALL. NOTHING works.
i tried clone cd , blind write , cdrwin , Nero , Discjuggler, gameJack even Alcohol 120% (the frist time a 120% fails me, does it fail on any other protection for my info).
I checked on nforce none has release it yet so i assume it must be some pretty nasty shit to crack. (well if can’t make back up of your original at all guess u have to use gcw or whatever to get a proper exe for your backup but in that case nobody seems to be able to help ;(((( ).
this seems like some really nasty crap compared to lamo safedisc. i just realized this why do most companies use sd the one protection even my mum can copy with ccd or a120% instead of using some nasty shit like this one or similar products (if any…)
anyway i still want to make to a backup of my game and i can’t.
(for info the protection is a dll , called protect.dll not hard to figure out that one heh … :p)

Star-Force requires a 24 digit CD-key to be entered by the end-user and a key has to be extracted after each batch has been produced and somehow printed onto the CD or manual.

SafeDisc is virtually transparent to the end user and requires no additional CD-KEY, same applies to SecuROM.

Star-Force is probably more expensive as well.

There you have it :slight_smile:

atomic X thanks for this commerical presentation (you’re their sales man or what? :p)
can you tell us how to back up that shit please :)=
can’t find no crack can’t do with any soft…
this protection seems to kick ass ;(
help? anyone?

I develop protections [not Star-Force or any other commercial ones]. I am not going to tell you if / how they can be cracked (and more to the point, I don’t know)

thanks for your cooperation. i’m not trying to crack anything mate i’m just a cd freak and i’m only trying to make a back up of original (so no crack needed - i checked everywhere that game ain’t cracked anyway)… just wondering why Clone CD and alcohol 120% can back up any CD except that one… what’s so special about this protec?

If you would have taken the time to search the forum, you would have found the answer to all your questions.

no need to repeat the same thing over and over…

But it does to seems to be a nasty critter.
But there seems to be some flaws with it, though.

It does say a version of it can be it for mastering purposes and the master to copies process passes it on. What would be interesting is how the protection works. Some of the other protections, such as Safedisc rely on weak sectors that are harder to reproduce backup wise.

Hmm I wonder…

But it has a protection.dll??..

My mind is churning…

I have back up of RunAway CZ protected with StarForce3. And it is working. I have used Alcohol 120% and StarForce 1.x/2.x profile. No problem for my Sony CRX195E1. :cool: