Starforce Splinter Cell Chaos Theory



I am italian and I don’t speak very well English.
The Problem is:
I have the image of game, i have installed it but it doesn’t start, it do checks and :a , you can post the way for play game please, i have also delete my cd\dvd drivers and i have also mount many miniimages but the game doesn’t start.

sorry for bad english

you can post the step for play scct please :sad: :sad:


Currently, there are only two ways to start the game:

  1. Put the original DVD in your drive.
  2. Put a backup into an external USB-DVD drive.

For instructions on the USB method, search the internet.


Thanks for the reply.

Then the miniimages that there are in INternet are fake and they don’t work!!!
I don’t want to break my original dvd of splinter cell :a


I don’t have a external dvd writer usb, there aren’t other methods???


At this time there are no other methods. However, Daemon Tools v4 will support StarForce 3.


I have tried to mount the file image (SCCT.MDF 4.15GB with the file SCCT.mds of game copy world), but when i mount the file image the autorun starts but it say an error, is it normal???.

can You post me the exact dimension of file .mdf and file .mds in byte, please

Sorry for my english


can someone posts to me the exact dimension in byte of the file SCCT.mdf please? (example 4.454.907.904 byte)

Thanks :sad:


Here are the sizes of the image that I made myself with Alcohol 120%.
SCCT.mdf - 4,493,174,784
SCCT.mds - 38,614


has any one noticed that it is only 'cos it is on dvd. If it was on cd there is a work around. we need something like clonyxxl and clone cd/dvd to accept custom profiles for dvd burning. @ the moment it only supports custom cd burning. I have tried every trick on the net from many dif forums and crack apps but it does not work with a dvd starforce disk.


Does the mounting over the network method still work?


Which method are you talking about?